Monday, September 28, 2009

Training Planage

 Well, here I am lookin' to draft and construct my annual training program from today through one year from now. Easier said than done. 

In Joe Friel's book "The Cyclist's Training Bible 4th Edition," there is, to say the least, an elaborate process for drafting and constructing this annual training plan. I am just beginning to understand all if the elements that are plugged in this plan. With all of the effort I am putting into it, I cannot see how or why one would want to stray from it. Anyway, I can't speak much to it seeing as how I cannot complete my training program yet. 

There are a lot of variables that are restricting me from simply putting everything down. Any races I wil want to add to my plan, whether I wish to peak for them or not, at this point are not in the calendars to be planned for. I am told I should just look at last year's dates, but those cannot always be trusted. From those, I can plan my peak, build, and base periods. Without them I can only speculate. 

But without this planned draft, (that will probably be changed anyway) I will not have anywhere to start from. I have time to work things out and finalize where I need to put my training. I am off the bike and officially in my "transition" period right now for the next week. After this week I will begin my "preparation" period and will hit the gym. Boom, son.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Email I just sent to the people that lost my trophy.

Hi. This is John Churan. I am emailing you wondering if you all have  
sent my 3rd place trophy that was misplaced during the award ceremony  
for the road race II. Pleas email me back with any further directions  
or clarifications needed to get me that trophy. Thank you.

Race watching.

So here I am in Ohio hanging out with Brewer, Brian, and Duane watching Brewer and Brian ride their cyclocross bikes through the rain and junk. I got nothing else better to do this weekend. I suppose I could have ridden my bike or "hung out" with some people back in Indiana, but I'm good here. I need to imerse myself in cycling and get used to traveling for it. I plan to start my transition period from this weekend and I really need to construct my training program to work through the winter. Within that training prgram I intend to lose weight and come out weighing 160 or less. Can't wait.

Not sure what else to post at this point. I gotta get up early tomorrow morning and drive with Brewer and Brian to their Month of Mud race in Pittaburgh. 5 am if I heard them correctly. I can't wait to race in the spring with a new body. Hahah. Lame. I'm gonna work hard for it. Get me my trophy.