Thursday, March 31, 2011

The End is Nigh

I am set to graduate from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with Honors (3.25+ gpa) May 7th, 2011. It hasn't really hit me yet, but I think I got a little pinch when I was presented with the "honors" medallion. I am really trying to keep to earth over this whole ordeal. It's not that I do not appreciate the opportunity I have been so fortunate to have been given by the hard work of my parents. It is more that I know I have a lot of work still to do to get to where I want to be....

Yet, I have no idea where it is exactly that I want to get to, but I know this is a step in the right direction and success has something to do with it. Society says so anyway. I'm no scholar. I'm still a student. I still have projects, papers, assignments, and deadlines to meet. After this undergraduate work is finished I have work to get to. As I've mentioned before, I start work the Monday after I graduate. That means May 9th, I start. I will be in the working world hopefully for a continuous 2 years and then I will look to graduate schools. I will say it may not be with a MBA program, but would add that it will be with a more "prestigious" school than IUP. Not knocking Indiana University of Pennsylvania, but I will put more effort into my graduate applications than I did my undergrad ones.

Anyway, I have to get back to school work. The race this weekend seems so distant, yet I know it's only two days away.  Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paying for Gas

... I'm not a fan of it, but that is a fact of this modern life. I will say that I am lucky enough to have a bike shop that will service my bike better than any other I can think of. Big Bang Bicycles, just outside of Pittsburgh, gives us an extra pull every time we need their help. Monday, I took in my and teammate David's bike there for what I thought would be a quick tune-up. Turns out, our steeds needed more work than we had anticipated, but when all is said and done, the work and care put into these bikes is more than worth it.
Craig, their master wrench, knows how to clean a bike up and get it ready for the races. Seeing as how our first race will be this Saturday at the Morgantown Road Race, this was a good a time as any to pay Big Bang a visit. I was an idiot and did not call ahead last week to slot us in their schedule Monday so I had to go back today to deal with the bikes. It was a blessing in disguise really. The unforeseen work that had to be done on these bike and, thus, the unforeseen costs incurred by having to replace stuff. What can bee seen at their shop is class.
Yes $350.00 Giordana Jacket
$250 Giordana Jersey
The "bella" Campy Super Record 11 groupset for your fine self. 
Our IUP Cycling shirt hanging out with a Pinarello Quattro
Sorry for the blurriness, but you know how it is with a phone's camera. Speaking of IUP Cycling shirts, I have emailed our shirt maker and he is ready to make them! I am still unsure about the slogan. "I. U.sually P.edal" isn't really making me excited. I will be looking up cycling quotes for a bit. I will not even think about putting something about the everlasting life of "quitting" no matter how seasonal "pain's" position may be while riding a bicycle - if you follow me there.

Big Bang Bicycles is a fine shop and I absolutely recommend going there. They take bicycles and the best things money can buy very seriously. Yet, don't be timid. They cater to all skill levels and budgets! Us broke college kids get a massive break from them and we very much appreciate their help! I also was able to finally get the shop an authentic (as if there's an unauthentic one) IUP Cycling Jersey for them to display in their shop. Look for us!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can't Complain

I'm looking forward, friends. First race of my season will be next Saturday and I am loving this nervous/excited feeling I am getting. I do want to race more this year and that means I will have to find challenging, exciting races to keep me going. I really hope that joining up with a team will afford me some sort of role in races we go to. Whether it's to protect a strong rider or that I'm the one going for the win, I want to step up my racing. It has been a long winter, but when is it not a long winter for anyone?

I had a very successful interview Friday afternoon. I from from Indiana, PA to Fairfax, VA, then to Manassas, VA and then back to Indiana. Of course I mentioned my drive from PA to the two that were interviewing me for two reasons. Reason #1: I was late and although I stopped home beforehand and could have left from there a bit earlier I really did not expect (remember) all the traffic that was going to hit at 3:00 in the afternoon on a Friday. I called them letting them know I would be late and they were happy to wait up. Reason #2: Again I did not mention that I stopped home first, but the fact remains that I drove 3-4 hours from PA for this interview. With all that said and done I was happy to be there and I think they were happy to have waited up. They said that I seem like I would be a very good fit with them and they were excited about my cycling experience. On top of that, they complimented my style and mentioned that I was probably the best dressed applicant they have ever had. Thank you! The job is very interesting and once I pass a drug test I will be set to start the Monday after graduation! (Here is a link to the job listing so you can see what it entails.)

With this job and racing on the weekend, I will really be getting more acquainted with the bike this summer. How perfect! Although it is a seasonal position, I will take what I can get and I would enjoy working more with them after the summer, but I guess we'll have to see about that. They have company bikes and those thing are heavy. Challenge accepted.

Anyway, I have four hours to ride and me writing this post is a bit more of my procrastination to that. It'll be on the trainer and I'm okay with that... I guess. With a race finally upon me next weekend I am a happy camper. Get a load of this...
This was my Saturday... Wake up, check weather, settle for having to ride on the trainer because it's too cold out, eat breakfast, find all the live race feeds, get everything ready for the ride, hop on, and enjoy the life I live. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Storms' A Brewin'

I love riding through heavy rain. If anything I imagine it brings out my yearning to feel more Belgian. I am in no way Belgian, but I would hope I could fit in with them on the bike. When I am debating whether or not to go ride in the rain, snow or any other type of adverse conditions, I will think of how a Belgian rider would handle it - without hesitation. Just the act of thinking about that makes me know I am no Belgian. They are tough as nails and will punish you for any hesitation. It's all out of a passion for the bicycle I think.

Since I'm not anyone to be considered a "tough" rider, I absolutely love finding myself in situations where I can feel more badass. Today's ride reminded me of those times. I was riding with future IUP Cycling club president, David, who met modern day IUP Cycling's founding father Duane Corbett, today and we didn't really check the weather forecast for the day leading up to the ride. Sure I checked it earlier today and saw that rain would be on the way... I just didn't know there was a tornado advisory in effect.

Although there was no tornado, when we set out on our ride things were calm. Calm, indeed. It was the calm before the storm. The rain started slowly, but the drops were big, fast, and stung when they hit the arms, legs and face. I knew something fun was on the way. We really hit it in the last 20 minutes of our ride. Hail began to fall as adrenaline was pumping and lightening was slapping around Indiana. I loved it! Being so helpless in nature, so open to the forces that be, and soaked to the core with the feeling like I might be a labeled "badass" for riding through this if something more crazy does happen, gives me a great thrill.

Before I go too far into this, this wasn't the first storm David and I have ridden through. Last semester, (I have forgotten if I blogged about it) David and I rode through a storm in the most direct way. We hit the calm before ("oh yeah dude... it's real nice out. the weather forecasters got it wrong.") the painfully high winds whipping torrents of rain while lightening struck all around us, and the somewhat tranquil calm after the storm ("that was fun!").

Also on today's ride, we passed three girls going for a run in that mess. David and I (probably more me) felt it necessary to cheer them on, receiving a nice "Whooooo!!!" back from the three of them for being athletes in the crazy weather. What really grounds this kind of a ride is that no one really knows what race day will bring. I am not sure at what level of "danger" officials will cancel a race, but I did leave my place today expecting wet roads (before the rain really hit they were fairly dry) and race day will not stop for rain. Again, I am a wussy cyclists. It is much harder to get me riding when it is currently raining versus not caring when I am caught out in the rain after I have already begun before the it arrives.

And before too many of you think I'm actually trying to look more badass than is good for me, it's kinda like... well, it's storming now and there's nothing I can do. I will get home when I get home. I might as well enjoy it!

Anyway, it's still raining now and I am hungry.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Family and school come before my bike. It's how life goes. This summer, school will be replaced by work. Although if I am lucky, Friday's interview will go well and I will be able to merge biking and work at least on an outdoor pedaling level. Either way, my bike does comes before a lot of other "important" things in my life, but life happens and I have not been able to ride or post as much as I would like to recently.

Don't think my cycling focus is slipping at all, it's just I have a lot of projects and things for school that are getting in the way or more than just my cycling. That being said, my blog posts are lacking as well. There is just less time for things to get done and I have certainly been enjoying as many pro races as I can, just not been able to comment on them. Not that my opinion carries much anyway.

I hope you all have been enjoying the slowly warming weather. It seems to be pretty shy this year, but like many I have been able to get a lot of outdoor riding in recently. I need to make a trip to Big Bang Bicycles for a race-ready tune up! Shifting has been... shifty.

For the IUP Cycling front - I should have gotten t-shirts a long time ago for the club, (though not everyone has paid me for them...) but I have contacted our shirt makers at Fast Times Screen Printing to get those set up for the club members. Not much will change from the designs from last year. Other than losing some unnecessary sponsors, the only major change will be the IUP Cycling team slogan or motto for the season. It's gotta be good so I have asked friends to hit my facebook with ideas and I now ask you, my readers, for any ideas. I feel like something will slap into my head in the next few days to put there, but who knows. An idea coming to me may or may not depend on what happens tonight when/if my good friend Andrew and I hang out (to drink or not to drink) tonight. Ideas (good or bad) usually revolve around pizza and girls tho. Who knows, readers? Priorities indeed.

Also, I know I keep going back and forth on the matter of my cyclo-computer, but I really do want to be rid of my Garmin 305. I have enjoyed it, but I don't need all the stuff it has. That also means i will not be looking to "upgrade" to the Garmin 500 and certainly not the 800. There's to much going on there and in other brands and their high models that I just don't need. Cycling is a simple sport and I like to know a few details about my rides, but I don't need a clunky piece with so much going on. I think I have narrowed my new computer search to the Cateye V3 or the Sigma 1909. We'll see. I will however be posting my garmin on ebay soon. I do wish I had the other computer in hand so I would have no lay-over period of riding or, heaven forbid, racing without a computer. Something tells me that I would really be fine without a computer for a while tho...

Thanks for reading. There's really not much going on. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bike Crew

For all my ranting on my last post, it seems I might have less to worry about for my future than that post suggests. I have an interview with a company called Clarke. "Making communities around the world more livable, safe and comfortable." They seem to be a large company with the right  interests in mind. At any rate, I have applied for a position on their bike crew. The quick synopsis of the job is that I will b out riding every week day for about 6 hours. In that time I will not simply be enjoying the weather and riding a bicycle, (I suppose only the pros get that luxury) but I will be spraying insecticide for mosquito control. I can do that.

Now it's a seasonal position that I believe will have me employed until October. That's fine with me! Hopefully by thin I will have enough money saved up to buy a cyclocross bike and I can be hitting that mess up.

I will be heading home to Virginia next Friday for the interview. 
Teammates on one of the most beautiful days of the year so far.
Me reading in the Oak Grove at IUP on the most beautiful day of the year so far. 
I'm fairly confident I will snag this job. It's trying to get a job with them after the seasonal position ends that I am worried about not. Too soon? Okay. I'm gonna enjoy the moment.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Could Write More

Don't think I can't write more... but I feel like I am the type of person, if there ever was one, that has a number of skills for which I am proud of, yet I will be soon living without a direction. I will focus this on my writing. I enjoy writing and I hope that you all reading this, whether it's your first time visiting my blog or you've been following for a bout as long as you can stand... a month..maybe, that you can enjoy it too. I try to keep it on a level field for those who may or may not know cycling, and what I am talking about at all. I want everyone to have something gained from reading any given post, however idealistic that mat be.

That being said, (I'm huge for "prefaces" as they allow for me to say whatever I want to say thereafter) I am happy to keep writing and all, but as an up and coming graduate, I would hope you all understand my uncertainty of the future. I know that over time things will eventually workout and I will get a job that will allow me to afford to live in a place on my own and that, again, I will eventually be able to support (or at least hit 50/50) a beautiful family with a beautiful wife and live the dream I have been so lucky to be given a front-row seat to my whole life. I very much appreciate the family and parents that I have been adopted into... don't even get me started. Ask me for more information and I will be happy to explain further.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that I do not have to work for what I want. I have the understanding that in order to aspire for great things, some other things may have to be sacrificed. As a cyclist, I dearly hope that my sacrifice will not have to be the bike. Maybe what I fear the most happening is just what I imagine happening - thinking about having to go back to the moving company I worked for two summers ago. I know I got good work and money (arguably not enough) there and some perks due to some "smarts," but it took my physical life out of my bike. I didn't race (forgetting how scared I was to race back then) and I was simply exhausted coming home from those long hours.

That is all I feel like I can get when I graduate in early May. Am I mistaken? I don't mean to place any shadow of doubt upon this blog, but I do not think I will feel like I'm "on top of the world" upon graduation. I might just be too much of a realist for that kind of thinking. Previous graduates have already ruined me by telling me that the feeling of one being on top of any world is a short-lived affair. In my mind, why even bother with it? I have already been applying to numerous jobs and internships. And that's just it. I started out looking at well paying jobs to then looking at only "paid" internships. Now I am afraid I should look for any type of distraction to my summer that can, at some level, be put on paper - paid or not. Where to start...

What interests me? I don't think I'm at the privilege to look for something that interests me yet. I am just another "starving grad," willing to pick up anything the good employees might throw me. I have got steep competition and bottomless ego to fill. I guess I might have to hit the bottom of that pit to really find what I am capable of, but what about my capabilities that I'm fully aware of right now?

I can write, right? I am no english major, I don't know "mechanics," and I have no idea where to start. This blog I certainly something I am proud of and that I will mention in cover letters, but I am fairly confident it gets me nowhere (confidence indeed). Again, I don't mean to toss my negativity on this blog.

Let me think of the positives. Well, I will be graduating after 4 years, (the average is now 5? 6!? whatever that means anyway) I will have a minor as well, (probably should have gone with the double major) and I have served as the president of a club (no one knows what I do). Okay. I've got a few things going for me. As I see it, I could readily blog, promote, and help a business or organization from wherever they are. I like to think I understand what the "youth" wants to hear. Do I? No clue, folks.

I am simply uncertain of the future. I feel like I should start from scratch in order to really figure out what I am capable of. However, I don't want to be someone who manifests a passion for the first thing that I can have pick me up. I have passions. I understand they may not be enough to make it in the real world, but they mean something to me. Just like how I believe my feelings for another human being are meaningful and not something to be wasted. I am a passionate person with a purpose- always to better myself and others. I do believe that I will find some job that will meet my needs and wants at least at a half way point sometime in the furture. I know I cannot expect that to start off, but I have ambitions for myself. That's nothing to be shy about.

I do not want to ever feel like my time has been wasted. Am I wrong to expect that I will not allow myself to ever be a dish washer? Maybe. I really don't know. I have been a lucky lad, sure, but I have not been one that has not learned the value of myself and my skills. I will keep diligent to apply for jobs and internships. I will trust my gut and my intuition for myself and trust my decisions and diligence to get through college. This seems to be a lot of what I can hang on to. I can only say so much on paper.

Further, I believe I have a winning personality. I have confidence and charm. I believe in myself as often as I can and I know I can apply my diligent work ethic to whatever task I am given. I am probably too idealistic to think I will be able to land a job that I will have the ability to ride and race as much as I would like while making enough money. My youthful chance to develop into a notable professional rider for the U.S. has long passed and I am okay with that (as much as I can be). Yet, I still know I can be at least a local pro level rider at some point and that I have the passion to make something of myself from this passion I have developed. I know it is a passion when it has me writing this much about it, spending this much time within it, (with no pay mind you) and certainly hoping to have it in my future almost (it's a slim margin) as much as I hope to have a lovely, beautiful, caring, understanding, (I'm a cyclists after all) strong wife.

I have to look to the future at this point. Whether it is an innate, human characteristic, or simply society-fed; I am anxious about my future. "Live in the present." I know. And I do as much as I can, folks. Where does that leave me? Still looking for a job. When I say, "I can always go back to the moving company, " it's always with great reluctance. I simply do not know where else to look.

Alright enough negativity. I'm not like that. I have carried myself to a certain standard that I am proud of. I have my faults like anyone else, but I know what and who I care about and that means a lot to me. I have wanted to develop myself in character as well as some more noticeable abilities such as writing and maintaining a logical analytic mind. I also consider myself as a somewhat witty, creative type. I have vision and I work for professionalism in everything I do. Haha... There's a line almost straight from a cover letter I would write. I was never taught how to write a cover letter, mind you.

I guess I mean to say that there is a lot that I am a bit anxious about. In a little less than 2 months, I will no longer be able to put "student" as my occupation as an excuse for not having any income. I will likely be unemployed, and I am taking the time and effort to write this all out because it simply means a lot to me. I look forward to having that beautiful family of my own. Nothing wrong about that. (blogging this much about that... maybe.) It's more proof that I aim to live in the moment and I am not afraid to open up. (You don't know me.) I hope those who care most about me do read this and I am very surprised to hear when people tell me they do read this thing (even more so when I have been told that they have looked to start writing their own! - please do!)

Although I would hope that this blog enlightens many about the world of cycling and my world therein, I know it is rare that I will share more about myself on a personal level. Yes, I will sometimes let my excitement boil a little over on this blog, but it's only with some in mind that I do. You ought to now who you are. I hope to keep it like that. I have said a lot here, and I hope you appreciate it as simply me venting a little. Some stress is good and I will not let myself to be consumed by it all. I am still going to graduate in May and I will still find a job doing something. I will live past the possible boredom, annoyances, and uncertainties that my first 1, 2 or 7 jobs may provide. Thank you so much to those who have read this terribly pointless post all the way through. It means a lot. Don't think I have not thought to just close this window, ignoring what I have written. It means something to me, though. Also, please don't think I am so egocentric that I do not relealize there there are so many more important and worthwhile things to think, care, and spend time supporting than me...

If you feel so led, please do visit The American Red Cross and donate to support their efforts to help those in Japan or anywhere else they are supporting. Thanks again.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Am The Breakaway

Today's ride was great. 50-60+ degree sunny weather in Virginia to ride in was a perfect way to cap off my spring break. Like I mentioned before, I've really kept to myself this break. Watching multiple races live every morning of break has been amazing too! I've enjoyed spending time with family and simply relaxing. I know that Monday will bring the pain of school and stress I will not miss upon graduation.

Anyway, today I decided to ride the W&OD trail to the far west end. I wasn't sure where that end was, but I make a commitment to find it. Turns out it was about 41 miles from my home. Sweet. I thought it was only about 25. Fair enough, W&OD trail. Now I know. It just seemed to keep on going. I guess I was okay with it; my fault for not looking it up. Anyway, the ride turned into a 4.5+ hour day and over 82 miles. I like it. I won't be going that far for a while, so I'm going to enjoy it and I'm happy it happened on such a beautiful day.

On top of the mileage, it also gave me a chance to hop down in the "pain cave" for a bit. I have been there a few times throughout my training the past two years, but this was a nice reminder of where I can flirt with "limits." I will toss limits in quotes because I know there is a lot more my body just refuses to allow me to tap into unless my life depended on it.

Today however, I just rode the first part of the out-and-back like I was chasing the breakaway, and the way back like I was the breakaway.
Having forgotten to pack any food I was depleted and certainly happy to be back on my front porch.

Thanks for reading. I'm looking forward to the races.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bike(s) I Love

Unless you know the unfortunate circumstances I have often myself with my bicycles, you might think I am unappreciative and that I can go through bikes how I please. Sure I've been through more bikes now than girlfriends, (HAHA!) but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the love we've shared. This piece I've been courting through the winter is not new to the blog, but I thought I might share a few pictures of D2 for you all to drool over. At least I will.

note: I'm no photographer.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Defeated? Not Really.

I might feel defeated at the moment (5:30ish today), but I know I've got more going on. I will say I've been pleasantly surprised with the way my spring break has been going, but more on that in a bit.

This week is the "recovery week" of my "Build I" phase of training. Cool. Less pressure during my spring break and my legs need the rest. It's hard to pump the breaks when I have felt so strong lately, but you know... it'll pay off in the long-term for my season. Today however, I went out on a ride and had to admit defeat 30 minutes in. Why? Well I noticed there was a lot of traffic, (rush hour lasts from like 4:30-6:30 here) and overcast/ darker skies had these drivers whirling around with their headlights on. I really didn't feel like messing with them and adding to the overcrowded roads with everyone rushing home to beat the floods that news channels warn this area about. Even riding to a trail would put me in about 20+ minutes of cars not knowing how to deal with me, even on a good day.

Whatever. Enough of that. I've had a great spring break so far and I intend to keep it that way. I will say it hasn't come about in a way I could have predicted though. Sure, I've been keeping to myself mostly, but not entirely. I know I read too much into things and might sound a bit "crazy" when I'm excited about things, but I'm a genuine person and a passionate one too. Maybe, just maybe...
But alright, Romeo-Schleck-wunnabe. Let's pump the brakes on this too. No need to get ahead of ourselves. The semester isn't even over and you've got some stuff to figure out. Sure, this summer could be the best thing since clipless pedals, but you've gotta stay patient, son.
I'm enjoying the distraction...
Doesn't mean I'm not dreaming of the possibilities, pops. I am convinced that my bicycle will make my life better than I can imagine and certainly better than without it! Ugh... can't blame this guy for going for the top step of the podium here, folks. There's a podium girl that won't kiss anyone less. Now for dinner and to finish up my day's ride on the trainer (which I'm not too please about having to do).
Also, I might have a 75 mile ride with some future, summer teammates this weekend and I just picked $129 in cash from the change I've been collecting(with no fee!). New team's kit will be purchased from said monies... and a haircut. And I still don't know what to do with it, but I want to look sharp. I will miss being able to toss it up like in that picture tho. One day... it'll be back.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Other Medias

I'm not a huge user of Tumblr, but one can find my idiocy there. By "idiocy" I do mean a bit more... "GPOYs" if you can dig that. I like tumblr for what it is, but I think I'll keep it where it's at for now. Whatever. This is a post I just made on tumblr (caption and all). Please ignore how dumb it is...
GPOY… -_- ugh… being a creepstar on tumblr. but I promise… it’s with the bike at heart.
I'm not gonna say it didn't get me some selfish attention. Also note how nice my tan line is at this time of year. Sure it's carried on from last season, but my thermo gel allows my legs to grab more sunlight on the legs, ya dig?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert!

Get familiar with this dude. I know I've written a little about him before, but the badass Belgian is more than worth another post.

Call my obsession with Philippe Gilbert what you want. This guy, in my opinion is the BEST rider out there. He attacks and it's always for a win. He races with class and power. Gilbert has been on fire this season and he can ride and beat the best in any situation. Whether it's a sprint, breakaway, up-hill finish, or sufferfest, he'll be there! He is feared and respected in every race he is in. his team works for him knowing he can produce a win and out power, out sprint, out climb, out strategize, and drop the hammer on everyone.

For a longer video of his most recent win: Montepaschi Strade Bianche 2011True to form, Gilbert attacks at the right moment knowing how strong he is and get's the job done over some really tough competition.

I am channeling this guy's style and grit into my upcoming season. My first win ever came on an attack not unlike some of Philippe's. It was from way out, but no one could respond... other than a teammate and I got the win. It felt amazing and I want to win like that more often.
Thanks for reading about my man-crush.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Make It Mix

I'm not about to say I've enjoyed not posting lately. That mid-term went well. I'm happy with the work I put in and now I have two classes until Spring Break. Thing is, I have Italian tomorrow. I'm totally fine with that. The students in that class need to be there as much as we can. My Intro to Entrepreneurship class was cancelled a while ago. She knew better, and probably didn't want to see how few students would actually show up to it. Friday classes are a mixed bag. I think my Small Business Management class professor wishes he still was a student and he let us dictate his decision to not have class Friday morning at 9:05 the day spring break really starts. The 12:20 class after that however was going to happen no matter what. She's a no nonsense kind of professor and I enjoy it anyway. I was going to go to any class scheduled anyway. I really don't care about how "close" to spring break it was... I will survive and still have a good time over break.

That being said, I'm having a bit of a party at my place tomorrow night. It won't last too long and everyone will be going to the bars before it's too late. I will still be going to my 12:20 American Diplomacy from 1900 class tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to this party. I am realizing I should have had a party swinging here long ago. My place is cleaned, I've moved things around in my apartment, and I should be more social.

I'm listening to the music mix I've put together for it and I know I did it right. Tomorrow night is going to be sweet.
My bike (foreground) and my teammate's are doing some work this week.

Now, to keep things real about this blog, my cycling is going really well. I feel strong. I don't remember feeling this strong and ready this early last year. I am really looking forward to my first race. Tomorrow has three hours at a steady pace. I might stretch it to 4 for good measure. I missed today's hour long ride due to studytimes. I'll have fun with it. Warmer weather and home cook food for spring break will be very welcome.