Saturday, September 26, 2009

Race watching.

So here I am in Ohio hanging out with Brewer, Brian, and Duane watching Brewer and Brian ride their cyclocross bikes through the rain and junk. I got nothing else better to do this weekend. I suppose I could have ridden my bike or "hung out" with some people back in Indiana, but I'm good here. I need to imerse myself in cycling and get used to traveling for it. I plan to start my transition period from this weekend and I really need to construct my training program to work through the winter. Within that training prgram I intend to lose weight and come out weighing 160 or less. Can't wait.

Not sure what else to post at this point. I gotta get up early tomorrow morning and drive with Brewer and Brian to their Month of Mud race in Pittaburgh. 5 am if I heard them correctly. I can't wait to race in the spring with a new body. Hahah. Lame. I'm gonna work hard for it. Get me my trophy.

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