Friday, February 5, 2010

What's Current..?

Things are finally beginning to spin for Indiana University of Pennsylvania cycling. The boys at IUP are ticking away at their pedals and training hours and the club leadership is finally starting to see results to their long proposed efforts for the first annual (Is it an oxymoron, at this point, to say, "first annual"? To imply it will happen again in a year -fortune telling I certainly do not possess,- to imply that it is in fact an annual event -having never had one of this status before to make this posthumous claim,- and to imply I know anything about grammar may well be just too much for these two words and an inquisition therein.) criterium training series.

Regardless of the meaning of this first time race series hosting, it will be a monumental achievement. Emails, calls, frustrations, and bureaucratic endeavors have all taken place in order for this event to bloom into early season fruition. While waiting for near imminent approval from the powers that be of Indiana, Pa, the weight of the details are finally settling in. Acquiring volunteers, safety personnel, race officials, sponsorship opportunities, more that I can't think of now, and most importantly racers will be a challenge.

Here's the flyer! spread the word.

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