Monday, March 29, 2010

Beginners Luck?


This past weekend I traveled to Lancaster, PA and to Princeton, NJ with other IUP cyclists John Blank, Jon Yuhas, and IUP alum Duane Corbett to kick off our 2010 racing season. While we were all trying to find our legs and gauge our fitness, I was able to pull off some satisfying results.

I am not about to say I think that my results were coincidence or luck. I am confident that my results are because of my training and discipline throughout the winter months. I am stronger, smarter, and more confident this year than the last and I know it will be the same for years to come.

Let's get back down to earth, however. I know that my accomplishments are not great and certainly not of much importance to many beyond the support of friends, family, teammates, and myself, but I am happy to be amongst the strong riders in my category. I have a long way to go in this cycling career and this is only the beginning.

Here are links to the results pages for the
and the
(scroll down to find my and teammate's results)

At the Union Grove road race I raced the Cat 5 race and got 5th.
At the Princeton/Stevens 2010 Jersey Devil I raced the Mens D2 road race and took 2nd.

I must say I am appreciative of the help Duane Corbett, Blank, and Yuhas during the events. I am hoping to continue to ride strong for the weekends to come. I am so happy with my bike and I know that the investment was worth it! ECCC races continue at Bucknell University this weekend and I am hoping to have as many IUP Cyclists there as possible.

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