Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let It Be Said

"I am looking for a job."

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I thought you have a job!" says you.

"Uuuhhh yeaaah I need another one," says I. "This one I've got just isn't cutting it."

And that's all that really needs to be said. The one I've got, as glad as I am to have it, just doesn't give me that satisfaction, growth potential, monetary compensation, and sustainable attributes I so desire. I can't move out of my parental's house, I can't save much, I can't train on my bike, I can't race on weekends, I can't blah blah this, and I can't blah blah that!

So, I gotta do something about it. What I have done is revamp my resume, talked to friends and colleagues about job hunting, applied places, written cover letters, emailed people, networked, and certainly done my share of whining. Yet, keeping in line with my loathing of feeling like I am wasting my time, I cannot spend time whining, complaining, wishing, and dreaming about my perceptions of the situation I have versus the situation I want.

"Well if you want something, why don't you just go get it!" says you.

Then I says, "Oh, well I mean I plan on it. It's not th-"...

"That easy?" you interject.


"Do what it takes."

"What does it take?" I plead.

"How should I know?" you inform me.

Well, no one seems to. Other than a lot of work, diligence, a neglect for noticing a stopping point until you've reached your destination, time, patience, knowing someone, and probably luck, I won't get anywhere without trying.

"I'm looking in NYC for my next job," I declare.

"Ew, why there?" you ask with concentrated disdain.

There has a lot more opportunity for a job and a way for me to develop than around here. Sure there are jobs here, but nothing with what I can see myself doing. The mentality is different there and sure it's competitive, but I can't get anywhere around here with how things are. I have more of an idea about things than I will let on here, but just know that I have to get somewhere and I feel rather "lame duck" here.

I see myself writing. I see myself finding chances to get information out, to tell stories, make people feel something, and really grow as an individual with the right opportunity. I want to race again. I want to train again. I want to begin my life again.

Thanks for reading.

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