Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally Snow

It's about time Northern Virginia acquired the justification for calling it "winter" and these cold temperatures. It was a dusting and no one was freaking out, but it was a welcome sight to me. I had the day to myself and though I didn't get too much done as far as productive, inspiring accomplishments go, I did drive to the post office for a package that was already delivered. Whoops.
Bean boots were chillin' in the whip.
With my fruitless errand fulfilled for the day, my check engine light decided to awaken from a deep, peaceful slumber. After 38,000+ miles, this '08 Hyundai had better not be trying to cost me money.
Note: no check engine light captured here... I just took the pic feeling lucky to have caught the moment.
Tomorrow I have work at the nice early time of 7am. I enjoy that early time. I don't know if I'm an "early bird," but when there's a job to be done, I'd rather have it slap me awake. At any rate, that's too early for me to get my car to a shop and figured out. Now I know what you're thinking... why didn't I just take it in today? Well, I had an on-call shift that I might have had to go in for and I just thought I could drive it in and there would be no problem.

Well, that would have been a problem. One should really not drive their car anywhere with their check engine light on, unless it's to a dealership to get that junk checked.

I just hope that check doesn't cost me money. It will have to happen this weekend I think. My mom is letting me borrow her car tomorrow.

Anyway, I went to Philadelphia with the pretty girl in this next picture. Unfortunately, her cat could not join, but we had fun seeing an IUP friend living there. I hope to make it back up there for a visit or two this year.

Also, I am LOVING the camera my girlfriend got me as an early birthday gift. I resisted having her gift it to me early, but she convinced me otherwise and I'm glad I caved. In fact, all of the photos on this post (and probably most every other from here on out) were taken with the new camera!

I seriously take this wonderful camera with me everywhere!
Never had a fancy latte like this before.

These teeth have not been this clean in a long time.
I'll close this post out with a few shots I took of a fiery sunset from a few days ago. I was driving to the mall with my friend Donnie and we were enjoying the scenic sky.

Thanks for reading.

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