Thursday, March 24, 2016

Where's The Podium #22: Route One Rampage - 17th

The first race of the year/season/campaign/2016 push...

Honestly, not so great.

Subjectively, this race was fine. It happened. It counted. It challenged. It passed.

Objectively, it was a disaster. I mean... what do you push through 30x30's for but for races like this? What are you even making trying to train for but for races like this? And why did I not ride the 3/4 race?

If I really, honestly, objectively look back on how I raced this season opener... there is nothing to find solace in:
  • I did not line up at the front - happens, but I know better than to let that dictate anything
  • I caught up to the front group after riding hard - dropped back rather than suffer though suffering
  • I accepted defeat.
Speedbumps pitched my handlebars aggressively beyond confort.

I do not think there is much else to say. I am not very balanced as a rider right now. Power means nothing if you cannot make it work for you. Sure, I can drive hard and catch back on to groups and out sprint the riders I was with at the end, but to what success? No victory was left for me at the line. 

I know where my weaknesses lie. I am working on the self-discipline that I believe will help me achieve what I want. 

I will conclude by saying that I need to not be so afraid of things. It's getting on my nerves.

Not from race day, but I like it anyway.
Thanks for reading.

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