Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting to Business.

The spring semester is approaching and my base training is enduring. IUP Cycling is gearing up for a fun, difficult, and rewarding season. At least, I think so. Yet, more importantly, I know I am preparing and have been working on myself to be able to race any event and not only perform when I have to, but also help out any teammate of mine to achieve their best in any given race. I want to be the self-less teammate- an ally in the peloton and a smart, powerful racer- ready to chase down any attack and drive through the finishes.

Last night it snowed 1-2 inches. I was hoping the weather teams were faking it and I would be able to get a good outside ride in today, but I will have to wait. Something is still urging me to go outside, but I think I can suppress it. I know the weather will probably not me my friend in the next month or two or three... or four. Yet, I know I will still get my riding in and the preparation I need for my races.

There are a lot of races to choose from. I like having my March filled up with things to do on weekends. With IUP's Criterium Series up and into serious development and the eventual scheduling of the Tuesday night ACA Washington Blvd Crit Series, I have plenty of criteriums to look forward to racing. I also know there are few road races I am preparing for. Early April will be my first real test on the road.

There will be a team time trial, a road race, and a crit all in one collegiate racing weekend. I have been through one of these before and really suffered with inexperience, overconfidence, and not enough preparation. I believe this time I will be more adequately equipped. Not only that, I hope to have some team orientation there with me.

A teammate in a race is something I have only once been able to realize the benefits of- sort of. So as not to go into a recap of that blessed race, I will just say this: Teammates make a positive difference. Everyone knows that. I just want to have that in every race that I am in. I want to be a part of a smart, talented, goal oriented team that works together in races and really comes out with some wins- as a team.

New racing kits will have arrived when I get back to Indiana. I hope the team can begin to mesh and work as one taking the competition out of riding together and put that into real races. I know I will do my part.


  1. Looking forward to racing with you this year. Mostly to finally help you find that trophy.

  2. Right on man! It's gonna be a fun year!