Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grow Up.

I hope to get to riding more outside a bit more this winter. I'll just say that this photo was taken while I was on the road on a nice clear, cycling friendly day.
With a full kit coverage options available this next semester, I can finally say I will have my the opportunity to cover my legs completely! I also just purchased this Giordana Thermosquare Winter Cap for my noggin (but on eBay- for less). I may or may not wear neck coverage with this bad boy. The ears are what I am really aiming to protect.

Armed with these much needed articles of cycling clothing and the random pieces that I have acquired over the years for necessity, I think I'll be able to have many more quality hours on the road this winter season (cold-wise... maybe not so much snow-wise)

Let me be clear, I will still be wanting to ride at my own pace, for my own benefit, and without much care for anyone else's needs these next few months. I'm gonna be selfish in my training so I can be a better teammate during my racing.

My birthday is coming up. I am 20 going on 21 and have yet to ever have an alcoholic drink. Don't ask. Just never wanted to. That, and I'll be someone you can say you know who will have their first drink when they actually turn 21. I suppose it'll be a novelty for me. I will be eventually getting a new nerdy hi-tech Droid Eris for my birthday, so I'll be hoping to take more pics like the one up there ^ on my rides.


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