Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Have Me Back, NoVa

I'm young.

Alright, readers. For those that do not know, have not heard, have no idea what's going on, or find themselves reading this without much else going on in their lives, I can assure you that a lot has been happening in mine since my last post. I have thought to post more often, but here we are, and I am not moving to New York. I have taken a few risks, made a few mistakes, lost some time, lost some money, and come out alive.

The process exhausted me. Though I wish it could have turned out as I would have hoped, life goes on and being back in Virginia is not necessarily a bad thing. I still work at the J. Crew at Tysons Galleria and am still working hard to keep opportunities available for me.
The DC area in Northern Virginia is home.
Washington DC is such a clean city compared to New York. NY is gross. I will be okay with exploring more of what's going on around here.
Friends here help pass the time!
This may not be where I will stay the rest of my life, but I know that this process about New york has taught me a lot about how things will and won't work out. I was put under some intense stress, through situations and my own doing, but have come out of it with a clearer head and an ever eagerness to keep moving forward.
Passion Tea Lemonades (sweetened) for myself and a pretty girl.
My parents are working for a potential move themselves and I hope that they can get all that they want out of their next endeavors. I will be there to help them out as they have certainly helped me get through all of this happening in my life.

Really, there's not much else for me to say beyond this for now. Had I blogged more frequently through this process, you would know more details like... how I am out a lot of money from the last few months trying to make this work, how I am trying to get back $300 that was, imo, wrongfully taken from me, how I almost sold my car, how strong, understanding, and amazing my girlfriend has been through this with me (she has her own stories), and how lucky I am to be where I am now.
Gardening is included in that help for the parentals.
As far as cycling, I will be racing tonight at the Greenbelt Park Training Race in the B (4/5) category. Yes, I have downgraded to a Cat 4. Not proud of that move, but it is a necessary one until I can work my way back up. Let's be honest, my performance as a Cat 3 wasn't much to write about and I have been off the bike for a long time dealing with injuries, my work schedule, and all that has happened to me lately. I could use the redevelopment and challenge ahead of me.
Waiting for a pickup to deal with that flat tubular.
I am hoping to be back racing as a Whole Wheel Velo Club rider from here on out... if they'll have me back.

And what do you know, readers?! If this race happens tonight, (pending a weather decision from race officials) there will be a new "Where's The Podium?" entry coming up! I am very excited to race!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Why not get a job that can pay more than your current job while at the same time increase your fitness? Why not look into becoming a messenger in DC? I did it for about 8 months and honestly never trained additionally more than 2 nights a week after my daily commute and miles on the job and still got to Cat 2. Financially I was able to afford my part of an apartment (with 4 others) near Logan Circle. J. Crew is kinda cool when you are young, but honestly working retail for such a large company has limited advancement to the real big money positions (I'm sure it happens, but how many people are within J. Crew also looking for those jobs?).

    Smart move on the downgrade. Racing is supposed to be fun, if you are meant to move up or be in Cat 3, it will happen again.