Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank You, Cycling Subconscious

On my way home from work yesterday I had a wild sensation craving to race my bike. It's been a while since I've had those random images flash through my mind coupled with a foreboding urge to trash my legs through the pedals and into the bike.

The sensations do not last too long. This one was interrupted but the relatively easy traffic on 495 leaving Tysons and the thought of the training I must do to keep the hope of racing my bike alive. I'm not saying it will be a slim shot of me racing, I just mean that it will take some work and sacrifices.

Those sacrifices will not drop easily.

In any case, I am being reminded that the bike provides a balance in my life that I need. There is no real simpler way to put it.

I also recently had a dream where I was racing the Penn State Nittany Cycling Classic road race again. It was not the same course but my mind was trying to reconstruct the race, the hills, and the enjoyment I had racing it, and though I got to a point where I knew I was dreaming about it, I didn't want it to stop.

And all of this means that I don't want to stop riding, training, and racing. So I won't stop. Cycling in my subconscious is something I'm thankful for. It's giving me a lot to challenge myself to and keep working for.

Of course, I'm also thankful for my loving parents and family, as well as a beautiful gal who supports my cycling passion. Her birthday is this Saturday too!

And thank you for reading!

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