Friday, October 2, 2009

What to do?

So my beloved bicycle was never perfect. I know that. Yet, the chance to get a new frame for free, really upgrade everything about that bike and maybe dipping into a different discipline of road cycling intrigues me.

New frame for free, you say? Yessir! The laminate has begun to lift and separate on my top-tube from the carbon fiber underneath it has sworn to protect. There is actually a 1 cm in diameter hole in the laminate exposing the carbon fiber to the elements! I know, the bike may still never collapse on me, but if it does.... ..... I do not want it to be because of this exposed carbon. In any case, after phoning the bicycle shop I purchased this '08 Raleigh Supercourse from in May 2008, they told me that I need only to take the bicycle in to a Raleigh dealer and they should be able to handle the bike through to Raleigh and replace it. The dilemma ensues.

Ideally, I would hope that Raleigh could just send me a new frame (for free mind you) and I would be able to keep the frame I have, free to do with it what I wish. From there, I would wish to sell it to a friend (or foe... exposed to the elements and all) and buy myself a new bicycle with much upgraded parts. But, there has been a curveball thrown my way.

I was offered a price on a TT frame with dura ace and ultegra components and aero helmet by a newly acquired friend. The price (I will keep to myself) was an undeniable deal. Only problem is, after all is said and done, I will still have to buy a new (or well maintained, used) wheelset, cassette, chain, adequate tires, tubes, skewers, possibly pedals, possibly seat, skin suit, bootie covers, and any other expense that may pop up. Whether or not I have to purchase everything I have just listed, the point is, these things could add up to a lot and quickly. Trust me, I would love to start tearing it up on a TT bike, but alternatives and first loves do surround me.

Road cycling is what I do right now. Yes, tt-ing is the older brother of road cycling, but he's the much cooler older brother with the sweet, expensive ride. I am a cat-5 cyclist. I imagine I will cat-up during next year, but as it stands, I don't need a tt bike just yet. All that aside, I feel as though I have not fully explained my possibilities about my current road bicycle. My willingness and eagerness to spend money on a tt bike made me realize, if I do not need a tt bike, I could use that money for my road bike.

There is really not much wrong with the bike. If Raleigh, for some reason does not feel that I deserve a new frame for free, I will just look to sell my road bike and buy a new Raleigh or (the only other company I would consider) a Scott bicycle. If that endeavor does not seem too beneficial to me, (not sure right now why it wouldn't, but for my ocd, overthinking's sake) OR if Raleigh does send me a free frame I will simply purchase an overhaul of components to completely upgrade my bicycle and riding.

All this thought about me being on the market for a new bicycle is exciting! Sure, I may not need a new bicycle, but I have the money and willingness to spend it on my passion. Some of this is out of my control right now, but I will soon have options. If IUP Cycling can become sponsored by a bicycle shop, I will look to get a deal on a road bicycle and components. If Raleigh come through, I could still use a sponsorship to get deals on the components I wish to buy. Ugh. Enough. I hope you are not too confused by my thought processes. These kinds of things... as you'll see roll through my mind.

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