Saturday, October 17, 2009

Keeping Up.

I've been off the bike for most of my preparation phase training. I'll say that I've been enjoying my training, but it is tough. I suppose what is prompting me to write all this is a tough day today in the gym.

My cross training consists mainly of seated row and specific lifts. It isn't too extravagant, but I'm hoping that the efforts all together will help my cycling in the spring.

Not much else to say, here. Hopefully I will be more prompt with writing my posts here when I'm more excited. However, I did watch the last 20-30 km of Il Giro di Lombardia this morning! That was a blast. The racing was awesome. Attacks sprung out the whole time and there was some real sacrifice for glory by some of the riders.

Looking forward to more training and sacrifice of my own.

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