Friday, May 13, 2011

Move With Me

So this transition period I find myself in has taken me away from my computer for better or worse. For better - at least I'm making money with my time. For worse - less time to waste and put thought into words into blog posts. Nevertheless, here I am and things are going just as i would have hoped.
new job. This summer job is the bomb and you should all be jealous. I get to ride around all summer on this chunky piece tossing insecticide to kill mosquitos for the betterment of all of Fairfax county Virginia. You are welcome. I have just to finally take the registered technicians' exam sometime next week and these legs will be put to work. 0600 - 1430 Monday - Friday (30 min lunch).
Heading west on 66 to work, but I like what I see in the mirrors.
new team. These guys are a good group. They are fast, aggressive, and fun. The ones I have had the pleasure of meeting have all been welcoming and I am eager to show what I can do for them in some upcoming races! Speaking of racing, I will be doing my longest race to date tomorrow. I will be participating in the 1/2/3 2011 Poolseville Road Race - 74 miles. I have no idea how to prepare for that race other than thinking having more food/energy is better than less. My warm-up will be light but purposeful. I do not know how the race will unfold and I will be riding defensive/aggressively for as long as I can. This will be a learning experience above all, though I feel pretty strong. I just do not know how I will compare to anyone. This race also marks my first race with/for the new team, Whole Wheel Velo Club Racing. I am excited and ready to do them proud. As long as I can get to Poolesville and register to enter the 1/2/3 race, all will be well.
goodbye freedom (for now)
new home. Yeah, I've moved back home with the parentals. We all knew it was coming and we should all know it won't be permanent. I save money, start paying for things on my own, go to work, ride, race, enjoy life, and prepare to really strike out on my own after I get a job - after this summer job. Speaking of which, I need to update my resume and start applying for work in a few weeks. I have to start early for a chance at getting something - anything. One good thing about moving back home is that I will be drinking a whole lot less. That can equate to a different kind of balance in life (however you want to read that) and certainly more cash sticking in my wallet.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the 12:30pm start-time tomorrow. I will wake up early, shave all over, get an early breakfast in, maybe spin on the trainer for 30 min, load up and head to the races - aiming to get there around 8-9 am to register and hopefully see teammates racing!

Also I need a new helmet, but I will race with the one I've got - bandaged up as it will be - and maybe grab one next week. It doesn't seem to be anything life-threatening, but just so you all know, I will be in the market for a new one next week.

Thanks for reading and look for another post-race-post soon!

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