Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where's The Podium? #7: Poolesville Road Race - 43rd

There is not too much to say about this one other than I'm still learning - a lot. I got destroyed and I wouldn't have had it any other way... kinda. I mean sure I would have loved to be able to stick with that front group, but I couldn't. I suffered for as long as they would let me and that's all I could do.

The course was approximately a 10.4 mile loop with nothing too difficult. The unique aspect of this race came with the dirt/gravel/atv-track patch. Bottles were bounced, tires blew, legs were burning, and the pace was high through this section. On the second lap I got popped when the peloton revved up right after this dirt section and I could just not hold on. After getting popped I worked with riders as long as I could with them / as long as they could with me. I waved at and thanked the volunteers as I rode by and made the best of my situation. Although something happened that the initial breakaway was actually directed/undirected off course for over a mile that had them actually end their race early. What a bummer.
The replacements served me well!
I didn't know how I would fair in this race, but I was certainly hoping for a better showing. I was pulled after I believe 4 laps. I would have kept on going, but the race director warned us that he would be pulling us rather aggressively.

All in stride - I'm still learning this gig. The level of competition here is beyond anything I have raced yet. I will venture to say that this was an ambitious race for me to enter and I am glad I did. It hurt. It humbled me - sorta. It made me know what I have to still aspire to be. I am getting stronger and I have no fear for for any race I enter. I want to make the most of every race I go to and hopefully I will be able to work with/for teammates the rest of the season. I was glad to represent WWVC in the 1/2/3 field.

This all goes along with my stance on cycling: I have nothing to prove to anyone, but everything to prove to myself.

By the Numbers: I'm an idiot and didn't move my computer from my one bag to the other while packing for the race.... so you all will just have to take my word for the suffering.

Thanks for reading. I am aiming to get some real results shortly. My teammate are tearing things up in their races and I want a piece real bad. I'm getting hungry. I want to destroy everyone and I want to keep destroying myself. All in good time.

Side note - I mentioned how my helmet broke and the super glue will just not hold. Well, I went ahead and bough myself a new Bell Volt helmet (Team BMC style). I am hoping it gets here before my race on Saturday (or ahead-jarring crash) at the Oxford Road Race. Who knows, but this bad boy is the prettiest helmet...


  1. Big time races with a new team. The prez has moved on. Keep it going man!

  2. Thanks dude! One day I will be able to stick it with the bigguns!