Monday, June 20, 2011

Okay Kids...

Let's all look at how to not take a corner.
Taken immediately before my spill this is why I got what I will call a Cat-4-tat on my rear.

For the love of cycling agony, please do not ever take a corner like this. I know better and you all do too. My only possible explanation for this was a severe miscalculation on where I was in the turn and when I could start stamping on the pedals to drill back up that hill.

Thanks to Jor Taylor for snapping the pic for a lesson re-learned and her immediate concern for my well being rather than snapping any more photos of the actual spill. Though, I wouldn't have complained if she had taken more seeing how ridiculous I look here. How embarrassing.


  1. Nicholas actually told me that I should have kept on shooting. Next time, i'll be sure to let you bleed out properly.

  2. I would have enjoyed what happened after that photo.