Monday, December 19, 2011

For The Holidays: Me

A wish list shouldn't be made out of the same materialistic monotony so many make year after year. Rather, a wish list should be created out of a grandeur beyond things you feel too vain to go out and spend your own money on. My wish list lies somewhere between beauty pageant hopes of utilitarianism, (It's a post Kim Jong Il world, y'all!) and more courage in my quest of reaping the benefits of tasteful, shameless self-promotion. Now, I know that may seem like a tall order, but sip away at this cocktail and I'm sure you'll find my intentions are pure and simple.

Ever find yourself at a loss as to how you can make a difference in people's lives?

Not me.

In fact, I have found that by being myself (some of the best advice I've gotten), I can make friends, find success, and go beyond my wildest dreams. Well, I haven't found that last part yet, but the potential is potent. For those that don't know me... put me on your wish list.

There's a lot to me that probably no one person realizes. I have a smart side, a goof side, a party side, a let's get things done side, a dumb side, a "I feel fat" side, a "I've never felt better" side, an annoying side, a nerd-out side, a dork-out side, a hermit side, a passionate side, a idgaf side, an insecure side, and a side or two that I probably don't even realize are there. So, looks like we're on the same page.

What more could this Johnny, John, JohnnyBrison, Johnny B., Johntacular, Clark Kent, Superboy, Chooran, JohnnyCocaine, ,JohnJohn, have in store for everyone!?!?!!? It's anyone's guess, you see.

You surely know of my blog here, but do you know of my other blogs and blog-style sites!?!?! I do keep them separate as I have found that each carries a different vibe that I feel necessary to keep apart from one another. Yet, I am finding myself with a certain yearning to show people more of who I am. It's nothing personal, but I choose to not share a lot of my other interests because I don't think there will be a certain level of understanding or respect for me ... wait... yeah that's called feeling insecure.

I was a rather quiet young person. Insecure? Definitely. Nowadays, I really enjoy socializing and finding new ways to relate to different people. It's a realization that this life is all that I can be certain of and there cannot be any time that I feel I am wasting it. What I like to do with my time is not what you might like to do, but we're here to be different and me putting more of myself out there for you all, though it may seem risky, is something I want to do.

That being said, if you search "JohnnyBrison" on Google you might find more of me than you may expect. But instead of you all taking the time to do all of that, I thought I might as well drop you some links and a brief description of each as I see them. You can click, enjoy, follow, subscribe, join me, forget me, laugh, make fun of, shrug, fall in love with, or do anything you choose to do with the following links. Not my problem.

Blogger ... oh yeah; where you're reading this.

  • Twitter ... this is where I follow cyclists and friends that have taken up twitter. I am reserved, but open to the point that I will tweet drunk and it is what it is.
  • Tumblr #1 ... scroll through and click to see more... scroll through and click to see more. This is my passion of cycling manifested through pictures, words, ideas, and the internet. Tumblr allows me to experience and understand more about the sport of cycling that I love. This blog will dive into a few personal thoughts of mine that I keep from other outlets on the internet, but you see... this one has a theme.
  • Tumblr #2 ... now, this one may blow your mind a bit. I have only shown this to a few select people. I am one that appreciates a lot that goes on in this world and have no other way of adequately showing it or cultivating it until tumblr. This tumblr blog has more vanity to it than I will ordinarily express, but life is short and I will not ignore my appreciation of what I see as beauty, inspiration, and what I sometimes don't understand.
  • Youtube #1 ... some of you may have seen these videos before, but here you are. I hope to have more on the way, but my time for video making has been sent in another direction, though I do not want this one to pass away.
  • Youtube #2 ... some of you may know about this collaboration, but I'm very happy to be a part of it. I hope you subscribe and enjoy more of these that we will be making! 
  • Vimeo ... it's kind of the same as my youtube#1 account.
  • LookBook/Chictopia... full disclosure, people. Yes, I have profiles in each, but I'm no longer updating them, and I am allowing those to pass, though I do sometimes find some inspiration there.

Wow, that was more than I anticipated. Feel free to do what you will with this information. And again, feel free to Google "JohnnyBrison" to see what you're missing in life. I hope that I haven't offended, scared, scarred, or somehow lost anyone with all of this about me. I'm not trying to beat you over the head about me, but please remember that this blog is more for me than it will ever be for you.* Don't take it personally, just know that it's personal... to me... so, me talking more about me is my way of allowing myself to drop the insecurities and know that there is not a thing to be afraid of when I feel like expressing more of who I am. It's like a "I don't want to wast any more time feeling like I have things to hide."

Thank you for reading. If you clicked on one or more of those links, I am forever grateful. I'm nothing special,  just someone that knows I can get away with a lot. If you have any questions... never hesitate to ask me at . I'm getting sleepy and I look forward to tomorrow and the holidays ahead. J. Crew is a little craycray, but I'm enjoying it.

* I really don't expect this post to cause much of a stir.


  1. wow...i personally enjoyed the part at the end: "i'm nothing special." juxtaposes well with "for those that don't know me, put me on your wish list."

  2. haha! Thank you for noting that, anon. I just mean to say that I'm not one to take myself too seriously, but if someone does... I'm all for it!