Saturday, December 17, 2011

Worst Foot Foward

I've got no choice in the matter, friends. My right foot/ankle has taken me out of commission (of sorts). You see, if anything touches just below my right ankle a shooting twitch of intense pain, as if a knife is slicing my foot from the inside out, happens and I cannot take another step until pressure is relieved and time for me to recover happens. I imagine it to be a nerve, tendon, obscurely annoying kind of injury I sustained whilst running/jumping around for work.

Thing is, this injury is a non-factor for work as long as I do not have any footwear touching that right ankle of mine. Thus, my solution:
These Sperry Top-Sider kicks are THE only kicks I can wear... at all. I mean unless I just flatten the heels of every right kick I have... this is it. Although, some might've thought it a fashionable statement to wear one wingtip and one sandal at work, I could not allow that to go on for too long.

What is going on for too long is this foot issue. I may have to visit the doctor again, but I really can't imagine what he would be able to do for me. I think I'll just let it be, hope nothing hits/rubs/touches/thinks of touching my right ankle and eventually this will get better.

What is really getting me upset about this foot/ankle issue is that I cannot ride my bike. I'm not about to try and train with one Northwave cycling shoe clipped in and a Sperry/sandal on the other foot. Nope... not gonna happen; and it sucks. I miss my bike.
But, hey! I'm a realist and a moderate optimist... it's not all that bad. I can still work and make money. I absolutely love my job and am happy with life these days. I've said it before, but feeling appreciated for the hard work that I put into my job means a lot to me and I hope to keep it up. This aforementioned issue will pass and that bike is a patient being in my life. I am making friends and doing things that I enjoy. The bike will never leave me.

I'm thinking about that tattoo I've been wanting to get.

Thanks for reading. Anyway, for those that know of my cycling goals for this next year... who knows what will happen, but the realist in me outweighs the optimist. I will do my best and ride when I can. I have a few things in my queue that I want to get after in the new year. You'll see.

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