Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking big in my small world.

There's a lot I feel I should be blogging about. Though I know only two people will at least see that I have posted anything, I shouldn't let that stop me. Tomorrow could be a big day for me. This weekend regardless will be big for me, and for this blog's sake, my cycling. I will be purchasing a 2010 Scott Addict R3 with all SRam Rival components.

But let me take a moment and update you on what I've been doing since my last posting...
^ That. A lot of that. Simple riding on my trainer in heart rate zones 1 and 2... and above that when I'm feeling naughty for a minute or two.

I know it may not look too interesting/fun/respectable/noteworthy. I know I may seem to be wasting "valuable" days where I could be riding outdoors, but I trust myself. I know I will be stronger for this. No doubt. I really don't care how the weather is outside. I know what I am doing on my bike and what I am putting my body through.

Another comment on that photo there.... That was taken as I was riding it for a free basic fitting at Big Bang Bikes who is now the bike shop sponsoring IUP Cycling. Today may be the last day I will seriously be on that bike you see up there. She is a first love. I might keep her around after all. We'll see.

This will be my new love. Not sure what I'll name her, but I have a few ideas. Again, the 105 component set you see crapping up that bike will be replaced by SRam Rival. Should make it weigh around 15-16lbs... I hope?!
This bike is going to cost me a lot. It's a big purchase in my small college world. I am thankful to Big Bang Bikes for providing such an amazing deal for it. I know it isn't the nicest/lightest/most expensive/ most beautiful ride, but I do know I am in college and this bike will take me over the hills for the next few years. I am very fortunate to be able to do this and afford this.

Until next post.

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