Wednesday, December 23, 2009

20 & Forcing Onward

I'm an aspiring cyclist. Simple as that. When I see a guy like Ted King, who is only 26 and going into his second year of pro racing, I can't say that that is at all unheard of, but I'm dumbfounded. He began racing at age 20. My age. And he has been able to work his way through all of the racing levels to riding and finishing the Giro in 5 years. Am I the only one that is stunned by this?

He sure doesn't seem to put off the air of a boastful, cocky young-gun, but I think that's remarkable. I don't really care much for him as a rider at this point at least. I haven't heard talk about him ever being a gc rider in a grand tour, but what about him and his racing afforded him to be at the top level of cycling in 5 years? I don't know what he did in his high school or college years before he got on the bike. I don't think the guy is doping. I just want to know how I can do that. I want to get to that level. Right?

Enough drooling. This talk is making me sick. Who knows where I'll be in 4-5 years. My birthday is January 18th and I will be turning 21. I have consented to the very likely probability that I will never get up to that level of pro racing. I don't think I'll ever get above a Cat2 racer. Just fact. Self-pity aside, I am just being realistic. I love cycling, but unless this training really pays off and I become a force this next season, I don't think I will ever be on such a fast track to the pro peleton as T.King.

I also know cycling and racing improvement is a process with a lot of sacrifice and time. I got me a beautiful bike and a growing passion for the sport. I respect those who have been able to ascend to the top, except the cowardly dopers. I just want to have fun on these 2-wheel princesses and put myself and, whenever possible, put those around me in as much pain as I can. I'll be a force yet.

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