Sunday, December 27, 2009

Emerging Style

There seems to be a trend, a fad, a bandwagon if you will of style and chic demand for the everyday cyclists of our world. Taken from "Cycle Chic From Copenhagen - The Original. Streetstyle and Bike Advocacy in High Heels," these pictures show a bit of what I am referring to.

These ladies know how to dress, how to ride, and how to look good doing it.

Briefly browsing the blog let me see into a culture, society, world that see bicycles in a pure and balanced form. At least they would have me think of it that way.

Then it kind of hit me. In Copenhagen, these women and men ride as a way of life and their bikes are uniquely theirs. They have their own style, and are not the investments many in America view their bikes to be... like me.

Sure some clothes and styles of cycling have come out of necessity, but there are now designer clothing lines coming from this growing culture. Seen here at VeloCulture, Beauty and the Bike, and here at Interbike 2009; bike fashion is becoming a hit all over the globe. Sure it will be a while before America catches the fever in an epidemic form, but it is on the way.

I hope to get a few pics of my school's chic cyclists to share!

What a lovely world it would be to see more of these beautiful bike rides about! No?

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