Saturday, April 16, 2011

Independence-Driven Sanity

So that's two races in one week that have had to cancel due to weather. I don't like it one bit, but it is what it is. I am hoping my form will keep being worked with training rides that I would much rather be a race. There is just a whole different mentality and physical focus that happens during a race that no training ride will provide. You dig harder. It's as simple as that.

In full stride, I am looking ahead to the summer of post-graduation and "the real world." I will be moving back in with my parentals and you all should know by now how much I appreciate them. I gave them a call today to toss them my idea before I wrote anything here - anticipating a follow-up email asking me about it.  Anyway, the idea is for me to find an apartment to move into for myself to keep an independence-driven sanity. Not that living at home will drive me insane, but it will.


I have a lifestyle that I'm trying to see work out. There will be quite an alteration of that when I am slapped into work the Monday after graduation, but I am confident I can handle it and keep this cycling front and center. The apartment search will be all window-shopping until I can have a job secured to continue that money income after this temporary summer job. That will be key and the deciding factor. Yet again, I am confident things will work out and that I will end up alright in this world.

Three weeks left of school and I'm trying my best to hold on to the fun of it all. While I'm young! Also, my aforementioned parentals will be celebrating their 29th (I believe) wedding anniversary tomorrow. They are a beautiful and strong, loving couple and I am one lucky kid. Thanks for reading.

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