Thursday, April 7, 2011

Loner Status: Reflective?

I've been working up in my mind the appreciation I have living by myself and the perks it affords me. I can listen to whatever music I want, (I think I have good taste) I can ride my trainer as late as I need to, (papers are eating up my time) I can have over whomever I please, (friends all around anyway) what's mine is mine, (food - but also dishes), and there are a whole host of other things you can imagine I am appreciative of. I'm a single, male, 22 year old college student. My location in this Indiana of Pennsylvania couldn't be much better either.

But I'm not gonna run wild with this one. I will just briefly reflect upon this situation I have found myself in. Don't think I'm running without a leash in this town. I have realized I need to keep to myself to a degree, lest I run into some tough sights of yester-semester. Really, I just mean to say I am trying to appreciate as much of my young, free, single, cycling life I have left in this town. I am not going to say I'm not happy to be moving on, but there's a lot of what I will call "potential" that I can't help but wonder about  for my college life.

I'm not gonna dwell on anything beyond mentioning it. I live alone and I really enjoy that. I will be moving back in with my parentals and I am not about to complain. They have done so much for me and will graciously continue to. I do try to not take them for granted. Beyond that I do try to live in the moment.

I have pondered to the conclusion that maybe the reason why I have turned to blogging so much is in fact because I live alone. My old roommate, Spencer, is a character. Beyond being a really great, issueless roommate, we would often spend time just talking stuff we had going on and just communicated like human beings. It seems simple, but the stuff I am talking about now, I have shared with a few people recently, but certainly not in this detail.

Some people are meeting me at this time and I couldn't be happier. I am a very talkative person at the moment and I am positive throughout which makes me more outgoing. I consider myself to be a realist, but I know when to relax it... I think. Anyway, I have to let go of this topic and keep moving forward.

I've got the Holidaysburg Spring Classic road race this weekend to hustle. I will be bringing some new racers to that event and I hope the weather holds. I do know it will not be as tough as this past weekend in many respects. Thanks for reading. You and I are just getting to know each other, blogger.

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