Friday, April 29, 2011

New Things & A Bigger Stage

Let me just out with it... I am now a Cat 3 cyclist! I was not expecting this to happen so quickly and I am pumped! I feel like I've hit this mark in my cycling career a bit fast, but I'm not about to complain and I have been wanting to step up to this level for a long time. I can now make myself suffer in any race I'm allowed in with some of the best around. I say this with my upcoming race in Ohio in mind. I will be competing in the combined Cat 1/2/3 field. There is no solo 3 field, nor combined 3/4 field. I am hitting the ground running on this one, folks.

Beyond all of that. If you all remember me mentioning how I broke my trainer the other week... I have a new one that is indeed an investment to one that should last for years!
D2 meeting his new friend!
This weekend looks to be a good one. Sure, I'm missing the senior bar-crawl.... I think I'd rather be doing this.

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