Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Am The Breakaway

Today's ride was great. 50-60+ degree sunny weather in Virginia to ride in was a perfect way to cap off my spring break. Like I mentioned before, I've really kept to myself this break. Watching multiple races live every morning of break has been amazing too! I've enjoyed spending time with family and simply relaxing. I know that Monday will bring the pain of school and stress I will not miss upon graduation.

Anyway, today I decided to ride the W&OD trail to the far west end. I wasn't sure where that end was, but I make a commitment to find it. Turns out it was about 41 miles from my home. Sweet. I thought it was only about 25. Fair enough, W&OD trail. Now I know. It just seemed to keep on going. I guess I was okay with it; my fault for not looking it up. Anyway, the ride turned into a 4.5+ hour day and over 82 miles. I like it. I won't be going that far for a while, so I'm going to enjoy it and I'm happy it happened on such a beautiful day.

On top of the mileage, it also gave me a chance to hop down in the "pain cave" for a bit. I have been there a few times throughout my training the past two years, but this was a nice reminder of where I can flirt with "limits." I will toss limits in quotes because I know there is a lot more my body just refuses to allow me to tap into unless my life depended on it.

Today however, I just rode the first part of the out-and-back like I was chasing the breakaway, and the way back like I was the breakaway.
Having forgotten to pack any food I was depleted and certainly happy to be back on my front porch.

Thanks for reading. I'm looking forward to the races.

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