Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Make It Mix

I'm not about to say I've enjoyed not posting lately. That mid-term went well. I'm happy with the work I put in and now I have two classes until Spring Break. Thing is, I have Italian tomorrow. I'm totally fine with that. The students in that class need to be there as much as we can. My Intro to Entrepreneurship class was cancelled a while ago. She knew better, and probably didn't want to see how few students would actually show up to it. Friday classes are a mixed bag. I think my Small Business Management class professor wishes he still was a student and he let us dictate his decision to not have class Friday morning at 9:05 the day spring break really starts. The 12:20 class after that however was going to happen no matter what. She's a no nonsense kind of professor and I enjoy it anyway. I was going to go to any class scheduled anyway. I really don't care about how "close" to spring break it was... I will survive and still have a good time over break.

That being said, I'm having a bit of a party at my place tomorrow night. It won't last too long and everyone will be going to the bars before it's too late. I will still be going to my 12:20 American Diplomacy from 1900 class tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to this party. I am realizing I should have had a party swinging here long ago. My place is cleaned, I've moved things around in my apartment, and I should be more social.

I'm listening to the music mix I've put together for it and I know I did it right. Tomorrow night is going to be sweet.
My bike (foreground) and my teammate's are doing some work this week.

Now, to keep things real about this blog, my cycling is going really well. I feel strong. I don't remember feeling this strong and ready this early last year. I am really looking forward to my first race. Tomorrow has three hours at a steady pace. I might stretch it to 4 for good measure. I missed today's hour long ride due to studytimes. I'll have fun with it. Warmer weather and home cook food for spring break will be very welcome.

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