Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Family and school come before my bike. It's how life goes. This summer, school will be replaced by work. Although if I am lucky, Friday's interview will go well and I will be able to merge biking and work at least on an outdoor pedaling level. Either way, my bike does comes before a lot of other "important" things in my life, but life happens and I have not been able to ride or post as much as I would like to recently.

Don't think my cycling focus is slipping at all, it's just I have a lot of projects and things for school that are getting in the way or more than just my cycling. That being said, my blog posts are lacking as well. There is just less time for things to get done and I have certainly been enjoying as many pro races as I can, just not been able to comment on them. Not that my opinion carries much anyway.

I hope you all have been enjoying the slowly warming weather. It seems to be pretty shy this year, but like many I have been able to get a lot of outdoor riding in recently. I need to make a trip to Big Bang Bicycles for a race-ready tune up! Shifting has been... shifty.

For the IUP Cycling front - I should have gotten t-shirts a long time ago for the club, (though not everyone has paid me for them...) but I have contacted our shirt makers at Fast Times Screen Printing to get those set up for the club members. Not much will change from the designs from last year. Other than losing some unnecessary sponsors, the only major change will be the IUP Cycling team slogan or motto for the season. It's gotta be good so I have asked friends to hit my facebook with ideas and I now ask you, my readers, for any ideas. I feel like something will slap into my head in the next few days to put there, but who knows. An idea coming to me may or may not depend on what happens tonight when/if my good friend Andrew and I hang out (to drink or not to drink) tonight. Ideas (good or bad) usually revolve around pizza and girls tho. Who knows, readers? Priorities indeed.

Also, I know I keep going back and forth on the matter of my cyclo-computer, but I really do want to be rid of my Garmin 305. I have enjoyed it, but I don't need all the stuff it has. That also means i will not be looking to "upgrade" to the Garmin 500 and certainly not the 800. There's to much going on there and in other brands and their high models that I just don't need. Cycling is a simple sport and I like to know a few details about my rides, but I don't need a clunky piece with so much going on. I think I have narrowed my new computer search to the Cateye V3 or the Sigma 1909. We'll see. I will however be posting my garmin on ebay soon. I do wish I had the other computer in hand so I would have no lay-over period of riding or, heaven forbid, racing without a computer. Something tells me that I would really be fine without a computer for a while tho...

Thanks for reading. There's really not much going on. 


  1. I still think you should make cycling caps.

  2. I want to make cycling caps! The club is getting a lot more money next year. Though i will not be there anymore, I will push cycling caps to be made and I'll order one for you and myself.