Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paying for Gas

... I'm not a fan of it, but that is a fact of this modern life. I will say that I am lucky enough to have a bike shop that will service my bike better than any other I can think of. Big Bang Bicycles, just outside of Pittsburgh, gives us an extra pull every time we need their help. Monday, I took in my and teammate David's bike there for what I thought would be a quick tune-up. Turns out, our steeds needed more work than we had anticipated, but when all is said and done, the work and care put into these bikes is more than worth it.
Craig, their master wrench, knows how to clean a bike up and get it ready for the races. Seeing as how our first race will be this Saturday at the Morgantown Road Race, this was a good a time as any to pay Big Bang a visit. I was an idiot and did not call ahead last week to slot us in their schedule Monday so I had to go back today to deal with the bikes. It was a blessing in disguise really. The unforeseen work that had to be done on these bike and, thus, the unforeseen costs incurred by having to replace stuff. What can bee seen at their shop is class.
Yes $350.00 Giordana Jacket
$250 Giordana Jersey
The "bella" Campy Super Record 11 groupset for your fine self. 
Our IUP Cycling shirt hanging out with a Pinarello Quattro
Sorry for the blurriness, but you know how it is with a phone's camera. Speaking of IUP Cycling shirts, I have emailed our shirt maker and he is ready to make them! I am still unsure about the slogan. "I. U.sually P.edal" isn't really making me excited. I will be looking up cycling quotes for a bit. I will not even think about putting something about the everlasting life of "quitting" no matter how seasonal "pain's" position may be while riding a bicycle - if you follow me there.

Big Bang Bicycles is a fine shop and I absolutely recommend going there. They take bicycles and the best things money can buy very seriously. Yet, don't be timid. They cater to all skill levels and budgets! Us broke college kids get a massive break from them and we very much appreciate their help! I also was able to finally get the shop an authentic (as if there's an unauthentic one) IUP Cycling Jersey for them to display in their shop. Look for us!

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