Monday, March 7, 2011

Other Medias

I'm not a huge user of Tumblr, but one can find my idiocy there. By "idiocy" I do mean a bit more... "GPOYs" if you can dig that. I like tumblr for what it is, but I think I'll keep it where it's at for now. Whatever. This is a post I just made on tumblr (caption and all). Please ignore how dumb it is...
GPOY… -_- ugh… being a creepstar on tumblr. but I promise… it’s with the bike at heart.
I'm not gonna say it didn't get me some selfish attention. Also note how nice my tan line is at this time of year. Sure it's carried on from last season, but my thermo gel allows my legs to grab more sunlight on the legs, ya dig?

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