Monday, February 28, 2011

Plusses and Minuses


I finally have a personal post about my riding up on my page view standings. What I mean by that is for this week, I Blew Him a Kiss has more hits than other posts I have made about Pro Teams. Really, the only reason most of the traffic is on those posts is because I name drop and google searches will swing people my way because of it. But I'm not complaining.  I like to see that I my blog is getting consistent traffic. It keeps me motivated to post... even about nothing. I will however, shamelessly promote my blog on fbook and twitter (hopefully not too much)... I'm proud of this thing.

Fitness is getting up. I am feeling stronger this week than I have in months. I'll say that that is kudos to the longer training hours and some weight loss (a plus within a plus that's also a minus). I'm down about 16 lbs from my bday (which coincided with other various things happening in my life) and I am still looking to lose more before my racing begins in Morgantown, WV.

Third plus I could say will be that Spring Break is approaching next week. I will really enjoy the opportunity to hopefully ride with new people in Virginia. Of course I am really looking forward to seeing who I want to see there and my family.
My good friend and I. I'm on the phone for some pizza.

I have to keep it honest here. I need to buckle down and score some better grades. I'm not about to fail anything, nor am I going to make excises, but I know where I've faltered and it's not about to get any easier. I've got some studying to do.


You know how it goes. I just need to get in a better groove and not let my schoolwork suffer from other commitments and youthful actions. I've got to keep on the positives and hustle on the negatives. I am really looking forward to this break next week. I've got some stuff to get done then too. Also, anyone want to hire me upon graduation? That would be sweet. Ignore that part about my grades for one sec. I'm a smart kid.

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