Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Belgian Cyclists

To me, Belgian cyclists are inspiring. I love their grit and go get it style of riding. They ride through all kinds of weather and show everyone how to finish a race.

Here is a short list of Belgian cyclists that I enjoy watching.
1. Philippe Gilbert. He is my favorite cyclist and the most inspiring to me. I want to ride, attack, and win like him. I love how specialized of a rider he is. Races he enters, he does his best and pushes harder than almost every other cyclist on the road.
2. Tom Boonen. He is a solid cyclists and always a contender among the best. He is a marked man in almost every race he goes to. I want that feeling.
3. Niels Albert. This guy is a cyclocross machine. Every cyclocross race I catch, I see this guy tearing it up in the mud. I see him giving his all every race. I hope to be channeling this guy's toughness next year when I race on the road and when I try cyclocross for the first time. I'll be honest, I usually see this guy in the chase, but that's just it. I don't expect to be in the front. This guy is a champ for sure, but he never gives up.
I know there are many many more Belgian cyclists that are more than worth noting. These guys just make me want to take my cycling to the next level. I am humbled and excited for cycling every time I see them ride. They make it almost look easy.

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