Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bitting Off Too Much

Maybe I am going for the MBA before I need it.
Am I right?
Possibly. I spoke with an admissions person at George Mason University's School of Management. It was educational to say the least. I was honestly a bit shocked at discovering I had to have either at least two years of professional experience with two professional employer recommendations or excellent grades and high GMAT exam scores to be considered a real applicant for their MBA program. I guess the higher GMAT exam scores will be needed for their program regardless of professional experience or lack thereof.

She informed me: "Gone are the days one can get their MBA right after their undergraduate. We just can't get them jobs anymore." How am I supposed to get one? I'm not too worried tho. It will work out.

Thus, I have begun the job hunt. I was really hoping I could avoid that for at least two years, but I know patience will be big for me. I have sent my resume to some places and emailed others applications and just searched options. I feel like I may well have a lot of options, but I do not know where they lead. Beyond that, I've made a list of things I can do to make the most of my remaining Virginia trip.
I was off the bike today citing an "Off" day in the training program tomorrow. I will ride tomorrow instead. Simple enough. I need new pants too. Inner-thigh of my favorite corduroys ripped the other night. Bummer.


  1. you need to relax! don't worry about the future sweetheart! your hard work will get you to amazing places...