Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If You Could

I figure since I have this camera, I might as well bring it along with me if I find something to take a pic of. I can't say it's in my absolute comfort zone to just whip it out and take a pic of something... but what am I afraid of? Right. I'll get there.

I snapped this as I was walking out of my last class for the day.
Snow does what it do. I wish I had taken it out on my way to class to capture some actual snowfall, but I was, as usual, in a big hurry to get to class.

I took a few more on my way back home and nothing really made much sense, but at least this one looks to be in more focus than the rest.
I'm no photographer. Anyway this really has nothing to do with my cycling, and that's alright. I'm not sure how many people read this blog for anything related to my cycling anyway. I guess I could relate these pictures to the fact that it should be evident that I don't do much outside riding these days. Trainer for an hour today, but it'll be intense!

Thanks for reading.

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