Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pro Rides: Bikes for 2011

I don't suppose anyone else should be getting more perks than the pros. It's their job to do their best and ride the best bikes. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, (here and here) the bikes those pros ride are really cool and can be a matter of politics and business.

But I am excited to see the rides for the 2011 circuit. You can find the full listing of the pro team bikes where I did at Bike World News. A few of my favorites here:

Team BMC

Still my favorite looking bike. Team BMC didn't go through any major sponsor change from last year to this and I'm happy for that. They are picking up some intense, young American talent in Taylor Phinney. I hope they do well this season and who knows... maybe this will be Big George's year for Paris-Roubaix. An American can only hope...
Garmin-Cervelo's ride may not look as impressive as the BMC Impec, but it is an incredibly light, powerful frame. I have been lucky enough to have held this frame and components that make for a $10,000 complete bike and it is really breathtaking. Although the bicycle needs to meet UCI (international cycling governing body) standards and demands to weigh 15lbs, this incredibly lightweight frame allows for weight to be added to the bike as needed in carefully chosen areas for the most dynamic and productive ride.
HTC-Highroad and Specialized have come up with this bike for the 2011 season. I am not terribly impressed with this bicycle either, but I suppose it is noteworthy since I made a fuss about how political the bike sponsor swap was for this team. I don't think this bike matches too well with their 2011 kits, but I know they've already been winning with their setup this season with Matt Goss taking the overall win for HTC-Highroad at the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic.
Team Quickstep
I'm not a terribly huge fan of Team Quicksetp, but I do enjoy watching them race with the tough Belgian, Tom Boonen. Their Merkx ride seems to have a "louder" paint scheme. I wish them luck in the upcoming season.

Team Pegasus
Though Team Pegasus will most likely not see the Pro Tour Races at the level it has hoped to, I must admit I love their Scott bikes. It's unfortunate that while some big name riders have been able to sign with other teams, the others are living and praying on success as Team Pegasus fights through the UCI's red tape. What's more upsetting, for me anyway, is that Scott bicycles may not be on the world stage this coming season. Then again, before just becoming aware that they were backing Team Pegasus, I didn't think Scott had any  chance after losing HTC-Highroad. Godspeed to Team Pegasus and Scott bikes for 2011.

The other rides are worth a look if you're interested. I am not really jealous of any of these rides, but one must admit that they are all unique and have strengths and weaknesses that riders will favor and excel with. Then again, I wonder... how could a rider not do well with rides like these? Another look into the teams and their sponsors and bikes can be read about here (again if you're interested)... less photos tho.

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