Sunday, January 2, 2011

IUP Criterium (part of a) Series and my Racing for 2011

Lengthy title there I know, but I've been thinking.

I am thinking I will be racing the Appalachian Bicycle Association (ABRA) Road Racing Series in its entirety. These races will challenge me and I hope reinvent the kind of racing I am capable of competing and excelling in. There will be a lot of climbing and great competition throughout these in both road racing and criterium series races. I'm really excited about climbing!

The ABRA Criterium Series is what I think IUP can aim for. The May 21st and July 16th "TBD" criterium races in the series has me thinking. IUP could put together a race in Indiana, PA to be a part of this. I still have to talk to the high-ups and people who make decisions about such things, but I really believe we can pull it off.

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