Saturday, January 8, 2011

More About Me

I was scrolling down my recent posts and I discovered that I've trailed away from how I began this blog. It is supposed to be about me and my riding with the occasional opinionated piece when I have nothing much else to blog about. Well, I guess I can't blame myself too much for steering a bit off how I began. Winter training is really not all that interesting day to day.

All I seem to do is ride on my trainer for hour on hour and day by day. To me, that's not too interesting. All that seems to change is the degree of pain my feet, butt, arms, legs, and body seem to be in. My stomach is kind of hurting just writing about it. Anyway, today was like every other day except for a nice treat in the middle.
Messy room, but getting it done with distractions helps.
After one hour today, my dad invited my sister and I to go out for Sushi! This has traditionally been a father-daughter thing, but I was glad to be invited along to break up my 3 and-a-half-hour ride and share with them my more recently acquired (it's been a year give or take) taste for sushi! I used to not ever want to try it, but with the help of a few friends, it has become a very welcome meal for me. After an hour on the bike, it was time for me to hop off. I showered and actually shaved for this outing. It just so happened that I felt very sickly on our way to the restaurant, and I was really worried the sushi would really throw me for a spin, but it was all good. I just ordered a coke and I was fine. I got back home and right back on the bike for my last 2.5 hours of the ride. It may sound easy, but sometimes I really have to find ways to keep my mind distracted from the monotony, pain, and sometimes sheer boredom.

I'm going to expand more on my rides and distractions in my next post. Thanks for reading.

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