Monday, January 10, 2011

It Won't Be My Longest

I've just hopped off the bike and finished my longest week of training yet. 17 hours of training done and I feel pretty good about it. I guess I can say it was tough, but with no school work and no other demands of a schedule or responsibility on me, this was not my toughest riding. Four weeks from now will prove tougher. I will have 18 hours of training to complete on top of school work and IUP Cycling Club responsibilities to keep up with.

Competitive cyclists will know that putting in these long hours of training, winter by winter, year by year, are important for success in the season and career. The legs have to go through these easier miles long before the more intense miles of racing. As the season gets closer, of course, more intense workouts will start to creep in and the long hours of easy riding will be more focussed and not as constantly lengthy.
Philippe Gilbert
My next week will be a recovery week of 8.5 hours. My body will enjoy the rest, but I have to keep in touch with my food intake. I want to eat enough, but not as much as I have for this demanding week.
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Beyond riding, I have to get a few things sorted out for schools I am interested in going to next year. I really don't know where I will be, but I know I will find a way to keep cycling in the mix. I am very lucky to have it in my life like it is now!

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