Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Revived 305 Means Relief

There is enough drama when it comes to my cycling. Well, not really, but things have to work and work properly in order for my cycling to be without drama. I can't stand things not working well. Disgusting.
Anyway, like I said I would, I wanted to make sure my Garmin Edge 305 was dead before I jumped on a new computer. I am entirely relieved that I do not have to get a new computer. Had my 305 been dead, I would have had been fairly obligated to downgrade in computer abilities. This isn't the first time my 305 has given me problems, but I will stick with this thing as long as I can. My 305 is a good computer. I know it is because on Garmin's website the 305 is listed at an msrp of $350. Yikes. (I got it refurbished on ebay like a smart one for under $200) Although I am happy my 305 is up and running again, I can't help but be annoyed that the cadence and speed sensor is no longer tracking my speed.
That is a piece not working properly, and in the interest of my willingness to get a new computer if need be, and my want for things to work properly I think I may have to buy a new sensor. I want to know my speed, distance, and ride data as accurately as I can. This sensor will cost $35-$40 depending where I get it.

I was able to count all of my change today and I have about $125. Very nice. That will be more than enough to replace this sensor and I hope will prove to be a nice buffer for things I need to get for my training, and upcoming racing season.

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