Friday, January 28, 2011

Bring It, Two-K-One-One

Oh baby! I'm excited to report my 2011 USA Cycling Racing Licenses came today! I guess I kind of needed some textbooks more than these licenses at this point, but I'll make do. This has me thinking I will need to really start scanning out my racing schedule as much as I can for the upcoming road season. I want to get points and win big! Aim high, why not?
They came with big stickers too! ... now where to put them...
I'll be sure to watch the Cyclocross Wold Championships this weekend. Live coverage can be found at Cycling Fans. I'm pulling for our USA representatives in both mens and women's categories. I think Katie Compton will take the womens for USA, but the men have a considerably steeper climb to make. Tim Johnson was awesome to watch last race I saw taking up the chase, but I think Neils Albert or even Sven Nys will take the crown from Zdenek Stybar. The USA boys are, in my opinion the dark-horse contenders, but just being on that stage is monumental. Jonathan Page might pull this one out though. Who knows, but it will be a good race.

On another note, I think I will be beginning a (what I'll call) "blog series" for my blog here. I am not sure on the title, but I want to add an element of consistency and reliable posting to this. What I have in mind is like a "Monday Mornings Week #" or something along those lines for my blog. My initial idea is to have an account of the weekend, had I participated in a race, and what I look forward to for the next week and weekend of training and racing. I guess I'll leave it at that with an effort to creativity, insight, consistency, and personality. I will add structure as I see fit and will hope to see creativity to dictate how things go. I know racing is a few months off so if I start it this coming Monday.... it'll be an offseason type of post. We'll see how it goes. I hope people will catch on.

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