Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Filming IUP Cycling

Looks like I'm going to have to make the young-guns shave their legs whether they like it or not. IUP Cycling is going to be on camera this spring racing season. I have recently found out a good friend of mine from Indiana, Pa is ready, able, and excited to lead a production team.

There is a lot about cycling that is left ambiguous to most people. What I have spent so much of my time working for and sacrificing for is something I want to continue to share with everyone around me. Personalities play a huge role in this sport and I want to show more of what cycling means to so many.

In my head, that production team will capture IUP cyclists in varying aspects of of their development, training, racing, and whatever else happens in meetings, pre-race discussions and post-race reactions. There will be success and lessons learned and the more of that we can capture, the better. At this point the idea is certainly in it's early stages and the ultimate direction that this will take is yet to be determined. I am open to suggestion and as many ideas as we can figure out.

As much as I would love to be the driving force on this endeavor that role will be taken up by my aforementioned friend. He is the one that will have the final say about this project and endeavor. I trust his abilities and vision and I know that he will put his best efforts into this.

Again, the project's scope and entire direction is still being uncovered to us. That being said, the more people that could help us out the better it can be. Schedules conflict and w are all students here. Quality and professionalism will not be sacrificed at any point in this project and I expect a final piece that will make anyone who participated very proud of their work and efforts. I would appreciate anyone interested in helping (mostly filming) to contact me for more information. There is a lot more that I can brief you on and we are hoping to make this set a new standard for IUP Cycling and other cycling teams.

Again, please let me know if you have any interest in helping out. It would mean a lot! No experience is necessary!!! Thanks for reading.


  1. Sweet, I watch the IUP "winter training" video all the time for motivation-

  2. Hey thanks! Yeah I'm glad you like it! This next one could be HUGE haha I just need some volunteers!

    I'm thinking a "Beyond the Peloton" - "Behind The Barriers" - (more recent) HTC-Highroad video type of thing with a mini-documentary flavor to the mix. We'll see what we can get.