Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Pounding

Things are getting closer and closer to the new season. I'm still trying to iron out how I want to attack it and make the most of the races I go for. I am racing to win. each. race. I do. I've got nothing but success in my sights. Thinking about the races I've done, won, and lost make me excited to have another crack at it all. Even thinking about my workout scheduled for tomorrow is making my heart patter with anticipation and nerves.
I know I've used this before, but I knew I won that preme lap. (I like how it looks too, okay?)
The nerves aren't the kind like I'm scared of anything, but that when I think about sprinting, going for the line, putting everything I have into every pedal stroke, it's like being on another level on my bike. My awareness goes up. I feel everything. I sense how my body moves - balancing each pedal drive, expanding and compacting lungs, where and when my fingers move gear shifting up only to call for more power from my already burning legs. It's all there. I sense where other people are. Any quick glance to the left or right - I'm taking in so much information. I will know how my speed is compared to theirs. I will know if I will get to the line before them. I will know how much pain I am in and can almost sense theirs. I will know where I need to point my drive and whether or not I will be the victor or not. This awareness is evident every time you see a professional rider raise his/her arms on the line when to nearly every spectator it was too close to call. When you win, you knew before anyone else... except for those sprinting with you... they knew they were going to lose (some mistakes happen tho...).
D2 wants out!
I figure I will focus on my sprinting abilities. Tomorrow's workout calls for sprints at race effort. I am going to drive at it as hard as I can. Tomorrow will be the coldest of the week, but apparently the sun will be out. That's encouraging. I know it's probably too early to be calling for continued warmer weather, but I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can. Getting some outside riding/handling experience will be important too. The trainer is no way to keep my riding sharp. I'm not about to drop money on a set of rollers no matter how many heckles I get from The Roller Cam.

I've also been thinking of selling my Garmin 305. I can live without uploading all my data and I have never used it for an navigation purposes. I will probably stick with it for a bit. No need to fix something that isn't broke (the speedometer magnet sensor is broke... cadence is fine tho. how annoying is that?) Relying on gps to assess my speed is not too accurate. That alone almost makes it worth swapping for a Cateye or Vetta. I'll live.

Sprints tomorrow! Tinie Tempah - Wonderman Ft. Ellie Goulding

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