Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Things I do

Aside from posting a so called "GPOY" every now and then I will go the extra mile for some little things. Mostly what I'm thinking of is something I decided to do months ago. I noticed that although my $80 cycling glasses were awesome for costing me only $25, they did not match anything in my cycling apparel.

Now, okay. I know. Before you go on and tell me that I'm stupid, crazy, weird, in need of a reality check as to what matter in life, I get it. I know. But judgements aside, it bugged me. The frames were a navy blue and all I own is black, red, white, and a touch of silver (which is going to be dealt with in a similar manner) as far as my cycling apparel goes. Don't get me wrong. Navy blue just might be my favorite color, but that's out of the saddle and a part of my "you're more of a 'winter' type of person" looks. The navy blue frames did not stick out either. I know. No one would guess, much less care, but if you know me... those little things will start to bug me after a while. And keep in mind, I have certainly thought about getting "better" glasses, but have chosen not to. They aren't broken, and whatever is bugging me about them can just turn into a little project for me. Win.

A few months ago I decided to take up that project, change the color and slap a few layers of black acrylic paint on them. It was cheap and the little amount I got would last me a long as I needed. Well turns out, as I had feared, the polished plastic frames did not allow for the acrylic to adhere too well and the layers were easy to flake off and not entirely satisfy my unnecessary task.
I let it go for a while knowing that I would need give some sandpaper a go on these before I tried painting them again. I have just found some sandpaper that I knew would pop up somewhere so I wouldn't have to go buy any. It's pretty fine at a 320 rating, but it is has got the job done.
This is simply what the frames look like now. Nothing pretty, but I'm happy with how my project is going. All I need to figure out is what color I will go with [first]. Black (which I cannot find at the moment), white (should stand out well), or red/maroon (would match the helmet/kit/bike nicely). I am open to suggestion, but am leaning towards white or the ever-trusty black. I'm not the type to throw up an odd, real stand-out color like pink (Rapha wunna-bes). Just doesn't suit me. Remember, an off color put me up to this to begin with. And... I can always change the colors any time I want. This might turn into something I do.... Keep things fresh, just for you.
This painting project is simple and something I will also dare to liken to my keeping up with this blog... with a post like this. It's ridiculous and I don't see why anyone should care, but I don't care if they don't. Simple as that. Again, thanks for reading. I do appreciate that.


  1. I would go ahead and match the glasses to the kit, but thats just me.

  2. right! but black, red/maroon or white (the white will be a kind of highlight)?