Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mind Blown

I have to write this now while I still have the excited mojo flowing. I read this tweet from Jeremy Powers today. "Go to and join in on the fun @@ and @ are there live commentating... "

This got me wondering what was. I investigate and I find exactly what it is. Cyclists on rollers and trainers "Broadcasting" their rides for the world to see. Jpows and Ted King were there chatting it up with people... and me! How cool is that!?!

Now I get how some of you may not think this is cool and really don't understand what is up with what I'm talking about. Here it is. I don't know how it started or who started it, but this site is really all about beating that boredom so many face with winter training. I think someone said that usually only new england folk are there... which makes sense. I don't see them riding outside much up there these days...
Anyway, the site is like a chat room for the bored indoor slaves of training and even some fans!
Basically, this is how I rocked it. I was a little nervous before. I mean. Indoor training... I'm not one to usually have spectators... fans even. I had a blast!

Todays ride was particularly better than yesterdays. I had an hour and a half with "Spin-Ups." For those that don't know and... well it will make sense why i'm telling you now... For the spin-up workout, I have to warm up nicely and then for a minute build up my spinning cadence to a max, and then try to hold that max for as long as I can. I repeated this after rests 5 times throughout my workout. I have to keep in mind my breathing and relaxation of my legs and feet and just let the legs spin. The fastest I've been able to read on my computer is 180 rpms. 

Anyway, I talked up the workout a bit to those watching and they were digging it! They were happy to see some suffering and a little painface to the site. I was happy to give it. It's a bit flashy, but I had fun and it's a once a week kind of workout.

One fellow in particular ("corgi") made a drinking game out of it! I have no idea who he is, but he chugged a beer at I think 4 of my spin-ups when he saw what was up. This turned into a great workout and I am already meeting some really cool kids and dare I say... fans?! This totally makes up for yesterday and I'll be back tomorrow for a 4 hour ride. I will say it made me look better than I am, but it's all about the fun. If anyone wants to see me ride... anyone can. It's great. Have a chat... I'll be trying to find some way to ignore how monotonous my trainer rides usually are and I hope to meet some of these people at races and make some cool friends.

Thanks for reading and new readers too!


  1. Corgi here, a friend of mine saw this; that was fun! Typing coordination became an issue, I wasnt quite sure how long the sprint was going to be, I thought you were going to do only one . . . not five!

  2. Oh yeah, if you can, post up roughly when you'll be on, we'll try to show up and spin or support. Or heckle, in true CX fashion, I have a cowbell!

  3. Thanks Corgi! Yeah it was fun. I'm glad you kept up. It's hard to spell out the workout, but next week I'll have another one of those sessions... it'll be less spinnups and yeah maybe a thursday night.

    Yeah Ken! thanks! the support is sweet! I'll probably ride around noon-1 tomorrow. No real flash again. I'll try and post up times on the calendar too! I think I'm gonna try to kill 4 hours tomorrow. It's scheduled for sunday, but I want to watch the big game off the trainer. WOOO!!