Friday, February 11, 2011

This Hair

I don't know if I'm getting attached to it's length or not, but something scary happened today. I actually pictured myself with keeping this length - even longer - in the future. Whoa. Weird. I'm the kind of kid who has always had "short" hair. I've always dreaded going to get it cut. I can be a self-conscious person. As a kid, I would get buzz cuts. Quick, easy, predictable, and you can't get it wrong. Whether it was out of ease for my mom cutting it or my own weirdness, I would just go for that. As I got older and certainly more self-conscious as a preteen and all, the hair became difficult accessory.

I've made many mistakes with it along the way too! Oh wow. Yeah, I don't think I will go into any amount of detail about those, but who hasn't made them!?! Then again I feel like I've done some pretty cool stuff with it too!

What I'm getting at, however, is that I am now wearing my hair the longest I have ever let it grow. I'm not about to measure it, but it goes past the tip of my nose in the front. What has really bothered me in the past has been those awkward stages. My hair is thick and when I wash it, poofy! I hate poof! grrr. Now, I do still wash it. Just because I don't like the poof doesn't mean I'm gonna lose hygiene over it. However, I have found a way to curb the poof and control my hair. I think it can only be done in these winter months - beanie. I have rocked the beanie all winter.

This beanie has been my weapon? defense? and allowed me to sort of bypass some awkward stages. Bad hair day!? No worries... hat is going on anyway. But what is going to happen when riding outside comes along? Will my helmet fit on all my hair? Will my helmet fit after I've tossed on a winter cycling cap on all my hair? I do not know. I guess I could try it out, sure, but I don't feel like getting my helmet from my car now. Anyway. That is the question.

Look at me... am I worrying that I may have to cut my hair? It gives me a new look though. A look I have never known... experienced... shown off? I kinda feel like I can pull it off too. But what about when I have no winter hat to put on? Bad hair day... pull it back? I can maybe see it getting that long. Do I want it that long? I guess time till tell. By the warmer months and Virginia humidity I am pretty sure I will want to chop it. No big deal. (I know... I say that now...)

Thank for reading this post. Riding is all the same really. The Roller Cam helps a lot too. Training hours are passing like a breeze. making new friends and enthusiasts is great! Shout out to Ernest. He's a cool dude who has really been finding some love in the cycling community and culture. Thanks for reading this rather pointless post. I will be trying to get some better content up soon! (I know pictures would have been a good touch for this post, but apparently my ex gf took the ones I had in mind with her... shame)

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