Friday, February 11, 2011

Picture Fail

As I was trying to get the right photos for my kit post I had a lot of trial and error pictures. One in particular...
I don't suppose you can see why it is I am wincing real badly here, but have a guess...(clip-in slip) I had to take a breather after this one. Also.... note that I cropped out that hair for the kit shot used too.
Had a few complete misses on the kit.
Gotta work on that aim...
That's better, but still a miss and not good enough for the one I have used and eventually cropped. I made the process a lot harder than it needed to be, but I am happy to show off the new look. I hesitate to provide any more pictures or angles of the kit, really, than these. I will be having the team going to a renowned photographer's studio to get pro-esk photos taken of the team with their kits and bikes. Look for those down the road and us on the road in the spring!

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