Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quick Post- RePost - New Kit!

Oh baby! VOmax Techwear has come through and I couldn't be happier.
Yes, please.
Here is a profile shot of the kits that I have been spreading around my various internet sites. (Fbook and Twitter: @JohnnyBrison) I am really happy with how they came out and the new feel of the bib shorts is  great. (Also note how nicely they match my bike!) I know there have been a few upgrades to these from last year and I very much appreciate the work done in the fabrics, padding, and overall appearance of the kit. I was happy to have such a large part in the designing process. I do not mean to say I had everything to do with what was finally put on the shorts. VOmax was right there working to figure out what I had in mind and this is exactly it. 

At this point I am getting used to the new feel of the kit. I like the changes they have made and I just have to get used to a different feel down where it counts. I am very proud of them and the whole team is excited about being able to race these kits in the upcoming season and beyond.

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