Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Outside In Indiana

I've been looking forward to riding outside for a while. Really I think it has turned into me looking forward to warmer weather. Pretty simple. I had really forgotten how fast my bike is/feels. I don't mean to round-about say that I'm fast. No, but my bike is. 15.5 lbs is going to be faster than 18.5 lbs+ like I was rocking last year. (R.I.P. Bella) At any rate, today's workout was well anticipated and worth getting excited for. Sprints!

It did not get as warm as I had thought/hoped it might, but I was well protected.
The Spread.
Let's see... in order of what I put on... I've got a heart rate monitor, core base layer, two pairs (yes two) of arm warmers, leg warmers, bib shorts, jersey, winter shoe covers, wind/waterproof liner gloves, wind/waterproof outer gloves, warm cycling specific cap, eyewear, multi tool, and cell phone. Oh wait.... I have to pull cell phone back out and check if I have any missed texts. Whoops I've now got to answer them all since I'm so freakin' popular. Pop that bad boy back in the rear pocket after letting everyone know "it'll have to wait, people... I've got a ride to do," and I'm ready to go.

It was all just the right amount of clothing for the ride. I did the nice, familiar IUP Cycling "training route" followed by three "race effort" sprints. I will say they were a far cry from any "race caliber" sprints. Sprinting is something needs practice as much as climbing and other various disciplines in cycling. Although, as I have described before, sprinting involves a lot, it takes practice to dial in and refine those senses getting your body and mind in the same place. Today, being my first sets of sprints, proved to me that I need to work on that orientation. That didn't stop me from having fun tho!
Fun! Also note the hair under the cap under the helmet... success!
There you have it. I've got 13lbs to chop hopefully around mid-April. I think I calculated that that's about  a 7.5% drop in overall body weight. I'm not exercise phyz-wiz so I don't know all what that means, but I thought I would share. I'm no math man either so my calculation could be off, but I'm at 173lbs. I have a friend that took interest in my diet habits for her major and various projects. I hope to work with her more and understand a little bit better about my eating and what habits I should work on.

For now, my diets is centering around fruits, veggies, nuts, whole wheat products like bread and pasta, and fish! Nom! I need more pasta!

Thanks for reading.