Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Look Back Racing 2010. #2

Season’s Final Race

The Tour de Strongland was a fun one this year. With a new course and smaller field, only the committed were up to the task of enjoying this 22nd annual race. I was not sure how my form would hold up and I believe I did alright considering life as it stands.
Myself and 3 other racers seemed to be the only ones willing to face the wind and push the pace during our 20.8 mile race. There were some decent climbs but nothing to write home about. I was hoping there would be a major climb like last year’s course, but I was happy to be in the lead group of 7. 
About 3/4 of the way through one rider was really above the rest. He had only done a few crits all season and this, being his only road race, proved to be all he needed to secure a solo win. He held a lead on us chasing for a decisive and impressive victory.
I felt good during the race. Near the end I was feeling a bit strained, but could hold my own. I made the same mistake this year that I did last- trying to bridge an insurmountable gap to the leader. I launched an attack on the group way too far from the finish with no hope of catching the leader’s wheel, keeping a gap on the group chasing, nor being able to have any energy to latch on as they all passed me or even have a recovery for a strong finish at the line. I am not upset, but more eager to address this rookie mistake next season with more patience for my sprint/ attack. I finished 6th as we had dropped another racer from our lead group.
I am very glad I raced and was not deterred by the rain that morning or questions of my form. 
On an unrelated note, I found a turtle about to cross the highway on the way back. I stopped, ran back, picked him up, and with my girlfriend, placed him in a beautifully secluded, wooded park in Indiana. We think Tangerine will like his new home!

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