Monday, November 8, 2010

ACA Racing Results

I tried to race a lot this past summer and spring. Racing with the ACA at the Pittsburgh Cycling Oval helped me do that. I got good, consistent results and more experience racing there. Sure, I flipped over my handlebars once and had a few tough races, but I also won and raced some of my hardest, most rewarding rides there.

Over the summer the ACA hosts series points races.
Here are my personal results:
B races: 24th overall individual for one point from one race.
C races: 11th overall individual for 16 points including a win
C races: 6th overall team competition with 16th points including that win.

I am very happy with my results and look forward to improving next season. I will race as often as I can and hope to get better results and more wins.

Here is a link to the ACA Bud harris Cycling Oval series results page: 

I'm already itching to race.

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